The Suck
The Suck

The Suck

After yesterday’s goodness (run, lunch) I wasn’t anticipating that it would all go down hill so quickly. I had to go to the market last night, so we could continue to eat food like we do, and I felt a bit….whiny. I tried to convince the architect to go (he was all, ‘but you’re so good at it! you get the best bargains! I’d spend so much more than you on less food!’), but he wasn’t having it. So, I went. And by the time I got home, I felt…not well.

Just fevery & achy & headachy & sore throaty & a LOT more whiny. The architect made me dinner. I drank some pomegranate/cranberry juice. After dinner, I decided that this standing up thing was so OVER, so I put on my pj’s and went to bed. It was about 7 PM when I slipped my legs between the sheets. Oh yeah, people, I am a party animal.

I didn’t actually fall asleep for a while – stayed up reading trashy books until close to 9, but I slept a good 10 hours.

I felt better this morning – just kinda foggy & still with a sore throat – so I headed off to work, where the crises live.

I was in the middle of crisis management, when I decided that instead of my lunch (leftover Moroccan Stew), I would just have a nice cup of chicken noodle soup. So I made one, as one does, with a soup envelope (left over from when our department had a budget for unnecessary items like SOUP and TEA) and the very hot water that comes out of a commercial coffee maker.

I took a sip & promptly burned all the skin off my tongue. Because that water? It is very hot.

So I did what I’m sure any of you would’ve done at that point – spilled the whole damn cup all over myself. And my keyboard (I am still unable to get all the noodles out from between the spacebar & the ‘alt’ key). And the floor. It was hot. I may have yelled (but, and I know you’ll all be surprised/proud, I did manage to avoid yelling any obscenities – go me).

I look awesome now – because nothing says business casual like a crusty white stain on the left leg of your pants.

And now – the debate? Do I run my 5 tonight (all symptoms are neck & above) or Wednesday? Tomorrow night is track workout, and I have to get 11.55 miles in sometime in the next three days, but do I wait & hope I get better? Or will a run make the whatever-it-is better? At this point, I’m not sure why I don’t feel well. My office mate (hi!) suggested swine flu, but I think that’s unlikely….opinions? advice? sympathy?


  1. Kristen

    Haha, swine flu was the first thing that popped in my head! 🙂 Kidding, I am sure you are safe.

    See how you feel a little later. If you think you can make it go for it tonight, otherwise wait it out. You know if you feel sick and try you are just going to end up a)frustrated or b)more sick!

    Take care of yourself!

    P.S. I so would have spilled on myself too!

  2. You can always start a run and see how you feel. There’s no shame in bailing on the run if you’re not feeling it. I would probably try my run and then afterward just hop myself up on vitamins and Airborne.

    Wow…watch out for soup. That sounds really painful.

  3. I’d say wait and see how you feel. If you’re feeling up to it tonight, you can always head out and see how it goes. There’s no shame in cutting your run short or not heading out at all…you have to listen to your body and rest when you need it. You don’t even have to make up the miles if you’re feeling bad…training plans are meant to be flexible, not rigid schedules we HAVE to follow. I hope you feel better!

  4. Alisa

    I say start the run tonight and if you’re not feeling it, stop and go home. Sometimes exercise does make me feel better (sometimes it doesn’t).

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. That is definitely “the suck” (love that title btw!)! I vote for night off, rest, and get back on track tomorrow. In the meantime make sure you get enough fluids, then get out there and kick butt!

  6. Man – I’m super sorry you burnt the crap out of yourself. I’m also sorry you now have to debate how to get your miles in. Maybe next time I’ll SUCK it up and run the other 8 instead of forcing you to do the other 4. . . my bad.

    1. I was totally sitting here planning on blaming you 🙂 I had a great time yesterday & wouldn’t trade the last 4 miles & Por Que No for much of anything….and who knows – if I’d run the 8 instead of the 4(.7), I might feel even worse today.

      And I only have 11.5 miles left to run this month – I will do it, even if my head falls off.

  7. Jen

    Omg you don’t have swine flu! That shit’s freaky. I think you should get the rest you need, you had a great run this weekend and are just worn down. Take it easy! 🙂

  8. how graceful! yes, everyone would have done exactly the same thing. skip the run tonight unless it’s absolutely necessary to get to your 100 mile month. i’ve been fighting the pollen for a couple of weeks…. sore throat, headaches, can’t wear my contact lenses. it’s not fun. tried to run, made it all worse.

  9. “I am still unable to get all the noodles out from between the spacebar & the ‘alt’ key”

    made me laugh out loud. not at you, of course…but WITH you! hope you took it easy and are in full-on recovery mode by now.

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