Will She or Won’t She?
Will She or Won’t She?

Will She or Won’t She?

Make it to 100 miles, that is….I feel that every time I get really close to a big running goal, something happens to derail it. Last year it was injury; last month it was the stomach flu; now, so close to my first 100 miles (and yes, I am obsessed with this mythical milestone), I have some kind of blech.

I feel better today than yesterday, although my head still feels too large & heavy for my body & my throat is still scratchy without constant lubrication (which I guess is good for my water intake).

I am trying to scare the whatever-it-is out of my body. I had a green smoothie with carrots, spinach, grapes, mixed berries (black, blue & rasp) this morning – that sounds full of health, right? For lunch I will have a sweet potato with tomatoes (more health, right there), and then a banana in a little bit. I am drinking pomegranate cranberry juice along with my water. All those vitamins have to be doing something good.

I also slept for another 9.5 hours last night, although I didn’t sleep as well as the night before.

I skipped my run last night, partly because I didn’t get home until 7:30 & it was pouring, and partly because I thought maybe a day would be good for me. And I think it was. The architect made me dinner & then hung out with me while I lounged in bed reading before falling asleep. He didn’t even make too much fun of me for getting into bed before 8:30 for the 2nd night in a row.

Tonight I am NOT going to do speedwork, but instead will go for a longish slow run – maybe in the 6-8 mile range, depending on how I feel. And then tomorrow, another similar run to hit that 100.

I really like how Will Run For Wine posts weekly training plans & then does a recap of how well she did hitting all her plans, so I decided to copy.

Monday: Rest (yay! Accomplished!)

Tuesday: LSD – 6-8 miles

Wednesday: LSD with speed pickups if I’m feeling up to it – 4-6 miles; abs & push-ups

Thursday: yoga

Friday: hill run – 6 miles; abs & push-ups

Saturday: 10 mile run

Sunday: spectate at Eugene; hopefully get some walking in; abs & push-ups

Weekly mileage: 27.55

Next week (May 4-10) is not only my half marathon (woo!) but also the beginning tri- training. If anyone has a good beginner tri- plan, would you please share? Right now I’m just kind of making things up.

And now – on to lunch & more vitamins!


  1. Alisa

    If you don’t make 100 this time you’ll make it when you start marathon training. I was no where close to 100 before marathon training and even in the past two cycles I think I only hit 90 something once. It’s a great goal but also not one to kill yourself over =)…you’ll get there.

    Health to you!

    1. Fortunately for my own OCD issues, I think I am going to make it! And, if my plans hold, I should hit 100 in May, June, July, August & September. On my way to milestone #2 – the 1,000 mile year 🙂

  2. How many more miles do you need for that 100? If you don’t hit it – it’s not like there wont be another opportunity next month, or the next month, or the next month…

    I’m glad your posting weekly training plans and recaps. It helps to put it out there and then face the facts once I did. Funny how I always seem to make sure I get my rest day in.

    Get better.

    1. As of now, I am only 5 miles away from that 100 mile mark, so I’ll definitely get there tonight!

      I think posting my plans will probably help – especially as I get into tri- training next month. And the rest days are so easy to get in, that some weeks I actually get them in more than once! I’m an overachiever!

  3. Kristen


    Here is the book! The Triathlete’s Training Bible by: Joe Friel. Starting mid June I am going to do the training plan level 1-3 for Olympic Distance. I would type out plan and give it to you but each plan is like 20 pages with all the explanations. Anyway, it looks like a great tri training tool. I got it for Christmas.

  4. http://www.beginnertriathlete.com is where i get my tri training plans from . they are all free and very comprehensive. basically you just swim, bike and run twice each week, and strength train twice a week. distances vary but should eventually get longer than the distance used in your event.

    to make tri training easier, combine 2 or 3 sports into one workout, called a brick. do at least one brick each week. I tend to do bike 10 – 20 miles followed immediately by running 3 – 6 miles every thursday night. my next tri has a 24 mile bike and 10k run, so i’ve got to bump those distances up in may.

    awesome half coming up, you’re going to rock it.

  5. you will get there!! just make sure to take care of yourself this week and next before your race! lots of vitamins, fluids, rest, etc…. hope you feel better!!

    see you on sunday!!! i told alisa i will be running by and be like nice to meet you amy! haha

    1. I was feeling so torn – on one hand, I really wanted my 100 miles; on the other, I really wanted to stay strong & healthy for my half on 5/10. Fortunately, I think I’ll be okay to get both hands.

      Looking forward to seeing you run by me a couple of times on Sunday!

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