Will She or Won’t She?

Make it to 100 miles, that is….I feel that every time I get really close to a big running goal, something happens to derail it. Last year it was injury; last month it was the stomach flu; now, so close to my first 100 miles (and yes, I am obsessed with this mythical milestone), I have some kind of blech.

I feel better today than yesterday, although my head still feels too large & heavy for my body & my throat is still scratchy without constant lubrication (which I guess is good for my water intake).

I am trying to scare the whatever-it-is out of my body. I had a green smoothie with carrots, spinach, grapes, mixed berries (black, blue & rasp) this morning – that sounds full of health, right? For lunch I will have a sweet potato with tomatoes (more health, right there), and then a banana in a little bit. I am drinking pomegranate cranberry juice along with my water. All those vitamins have to be doing something good.

I also slept for another 9.5 hours last night, although I didn’t sleep as well as the night before.

I skipped my run last night, partly because I didn’t get home until 7:30 & it was pouring, and partly because I thought maybe a day would be good for me. And I think it was. The architect made me dinner & then hung out with me while I lounged in bed reading before falling asleep. He didn’t even make too much fun of me for getting into bed before 8:30 for the 2nd night in a row.

Tonight I am NOT going to do speedwork, but instead will go for a longish slow run – maybe in the 6-8 mile range, depending on how I feel. And then tomorrow, another similar run to hit that 100.

I really like how Will Run For Wine posts weekly training plans & then does a recap of how well she did hitting all her plans, so I decided to copy.

Monday: Rest (yay! Accomplished!)

Tuesday: LSD – 6-8 miles

Wednesday: LSD with speed pickups if I’m feeling up to it – 4-6 miles; abs & push-ups

Thursday: yoga

Friday: hill run – 6 miles; abs & push-ups

Saturday: 10 mile run

Sunday: spectate at Eugene; hopefully get some walking in; abs & push-ups

Weekly mileage: 27.55

Next week (May 4-10) is not only my half marathon (woo!) but also the beginning tri- training. If anyone has a good beginner tri- plan, would you please share? Right now I’m just kind of making things up.

And now – on to lunch & more vitamins!

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