What I did last week….

Last week kinda went by in a blur – probably all that having to ‘set an alarm’ and ‘get up and shower’ and ‘go to work’ stuff. It was hard.

I had thought things were going to slow down for a bit, but I was wrong.

However, many things happened – like how I didn’t work out all week. Seriously – between my crap run on 3/1 (the last time I can remember seeing my Garmin *sob*) and my completely kick-ass awesome trail run on Friday, I did nothing. Also, Saturday? nothing.

Wednesday, after an exciting day in the juror room, I met up with some friends & after a drink at South Park, we headed out to see Kathy Griffin. I thought she was hilarious – I really enjoyed the show, and would like to thank my friend that doesn’t yet have a cool nickname for my blog for the tickets. Good times!

Friday, I had a morning meeting (not primary job related) and then a couple of hours later, I headed to the hills! I met a former co-worker (you may remember me mentioning the Cheetah) for a Washington Park run. It was nice – I got to stop by my former place of employment & say hi to all my friends from the old job!

We had a great run -the weather was perfect, and although the trails were a little muddy in places, muddy legs are a badge of honor, right?  I can’t believe how much I’ve missed those runs – I used to do them 2-3 times a week on my lunch hour. I’m definitely going to be there every Friday! Such a good workout & so pretty. In about three weeks, the cherry trees will be blooming & then it’s like running through a magical fairy land!

After our run, we went and had a couple of drinks & caught up.

Saturday I did nothing all day but read. It was nice.

Yesterday was my 12 mile run. I woke up a bit later than I intended (I have a rule about no alarm clocks on weekends) and couldn’t make it downtown by 10 to meet my running partners (2/3 of whom were sleeping in, anyways), so I knew I was on my own for my 12-miler.

The architect said he’d run a ways with me (he did the first 1.5 miles with me before turning around), but then I was alone with my iPod. And without my Garmin. We looked EVERYWHERE, but it was not to be found. I wore my old watch, so I could at least time my run, but I really prefer to know my splits for a run like this so I can make sure I’m staying on target. I know I hit mile 1 at 10:16 (because mile one is when I run under a bridge, it’s easy to remember), but since I’d mapped out a new route (this is the furthest I’ve ever run from home), I didn’t know where my mile points were.

I ended up going possibly 12 miles (I think it was a bit further, but can’t confirm with anything buy Map My Run, which insists it was 12 miles) in 2:22:56, which is about 11:54 pace – and way slower than I thought. I really wanted to average 11 minute miles, so I’m disappointed a bit. Also, so sad about my Garmin. How long do I wait before replacing? Next weekend is a race, so if I figure out how to used the lap button on my watch, I’m sure the mile markers will be clearly marked – but I’ll have a 14-miler the weekend after that.

Anyways, after the drama of my ridiculously slow run, I iced my knee (which is still a bit sore today – I think I’ll do my Bikram at home tonight (thanks yoga downloads!) because that helped so much last time), did my 200 crunches for the SB in SD challenge, and showered. I couldn’t bring myself to take an ice bath, although today I wish I would’ve.

The architect & I headed out to Trader Joe’s to stock up on wine (I got a $50 gift card for my bday from my super-fantastic sister-in-law), and then after some more quality reading time, I had dinner & then went to bed. Today I am tired & sore (mostly the knee, but the ankle a bit, too.)

I was a bit angry this morning when I woke up to snow, but it seems to have stopped, and the rest of the week looks nicer.

So- I probably left some stuff out, and will be have to fill you in later, but that’s what I’ve been up to lately!

Happy week! (and if you find a lost Garmin, please send it home!)

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