What I did last week….
What I did last week….

What I did last week….

Last week kinda went by in a blur – probably all that having to ‘set an alarm’ and ‘get up and shower’ and ‘go to work’ stuff. It was hard.

I had thought things were going to slow down for a bit, but I was wrong.

However, many things happened – like how I didn’t work out all week. Seriously – between my crap run on 3/1 (the last time I can remember seeing my Garmin *sob*) and my completely kick-ass awesome trail run on Friday, I did nothing. Also, Saturday? nothing.

Wednesday, after an exciting day in the juror room, I met up with some friends & after a drink at South Park, we headed out to see Kathy Griffin. I thought she was hilarious – I really enjoyed the show, and would like to thank my friend that doesn’t yet have a cool nickname for my blog for the tickets. Good times!

Friday, I had a morning meeting (not primary job related) and then a couple of hours later, I headed to the hills! I met a former co-worker (you may remember me mentioning the Cheetah) for a Washington Park run. It was nice – I got to stop by my former place of employment & say hi to all my friends from the old job!

We had a great run -the weather was perfect, and although the trails were a little muddy in places, muddy legs are a badge of honor, right?  I can’t believe how much I’ve missed those runs – I used to do them 2-3 times a week on my lunch hour. I’m definitely going to be there every Friday! Such a good workout & so pretty. In about three weeks, the cherry trees will be blooming & then it’s like running through a magical fairy land!

After our run, we went and had a couple of drinks & caught up.

Saturday I did nothing all day but read. It was nice.

Yesterday was my 12 mile run. I woke up a bit later than I intended (I have a rule about no alarm clocks on weekends) and couldn’t make it downtown by 10 to meet my running partners (2/3 of whom were sleeping in, anyways), so I knew I was on my own for my 12-miler.

The architect said he’d run a ways with me (he did the first 1.5 miles with me before turning around), but then I was alone with my iPod. And without my Garmin. We looked EVERYWHERE, but it was not to be found. I wore my old watch, so I could at least time my run, but I really prefer to know my splits for a run like this so I can make sure I’m staying on target. I know I hit mile 1 at 10:16 (because mile one is when I run under a bridge, it’s easy to remember), but since I’d mapped out a new route (this is the furthest I’ve ever run from home), I didn’t know where my mile points were.

I ended up going possibly 12 miles (I think it was a bit further, but can’t confirm with anything buy Map My Run, which insists it was 12 miles) in 2:22:56, which is about 11:54 pace – and way slower than I thought. I really wanted to average 11 minute miles, so I’m disappointed a bit. Also, so sad about my Garmin. How long do I wait before replacing? Next weekend is a race, so if I figure out how to used the lap button on my watch, I’m sure the mile markers will be clearly marked – but I’ll have a 14-miler the weekend after that.

Anyways, after the drama of my ridiculously slow run, I iced my knee (which is still a bit sore today – I think I’ll do my Bikram at home tonight (thanks yoga downloads!) because that helped so much last time), did my 200 crunches for the SB in SD challenge, and showered. I couldn’t bring myself to take an ice bath, although today I wish I would’ve.

The architect & I headed out to Trader Joe’s to stock up on wine (I got a $50 gift card for my bday from my super-fantastic sister-in-law), and then after some more quality reading time, I had dinner & then went to bed. Today I am tired & sore (mostly the knee, but the ankle a bit, too.)

I was a bit angry this morning when I woke up to snow, but it seems to have stopped, and the rest of the week looks nicer.

So- I probably left some stuff out, and will be have to fill you in later, but that’s what I’ve been up to lately!

Happy week! (and if you find a lost Garmin, please send it home!)


  1. Jen

    Awww, so sorry to hear you lost your Garmin! I am the queen of losing things so I know how you feel. Sucks. 🙁 Hope it turns up.

    Great job on the Wash. park run and the long run! I can’t wait to see those blooms. Spring is coming, I swear!!

    1. If it wasn’t for the current snow storm obscuring my view of the river, I’d be all about spring right now!

      Now that I’m probably not doing the San Diego marathon, I am thinking of doing a Forest Park trail run on 5/24, so I’ll need to do more trail runs & fewer boring runs! 🙂

  2. Alisa

    Sad no Garmin. I bet he/she will turn up. We found Justin’s underneath the drivers seat of the car once. Not sure how it got there!

    Good job on the run…I was sooooo happy in my warm gym! I’m not sure about a hill run on Tuesday, I have a weird twingy thing going on with the inside of my right ankle. I’ll re-evaluate tonight and text u.

    1. I’m glad so many people said “car seat” so that I looked again last night – that’s where he was!

      And after the first couple of minutes outside, I was plenty warm! I’ll run hills for you tonight 🙂

  3. Good job on running Sunday – even if it wasn’t as “awesome” as you wanted. vaughn and I did 7 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes. I’m not sure how that happened. I’m definitely not sure how Vaughn held up! Poor puppy is still sleeping today! ha ha.

    And I am SOOO excited about that yoga link!! Can’t wait to check it out tonight.

    Lastly – thanks for taking me with you to Kathy. Hilarious!

    1. wow! way to go speedy monkey!

      yoga downloads seem cool – there are a lot of 20 minute free ones, and I downloaded 3 longer ones for $19, which is about 1.5 LIVE classes. I’ve only tried one so far, and it was pretty good. It’s nice that it comes with a pose guide (in the order you’ll be doing the poses) in case you (or, in this case I) need a visual cue.

      I’m so glad you had fun at Kathy!

    1. It wasn’t BAD pace, it was just not as good as I’d hoped (and since I did 11 miles at 11:04, I was hoping for something in that vicinity, dammit!) – knees are feeling good after icing & yoga!

  4. kristen

    I’m sending Garmin vibes your way. It’ll come up. I just hope its before you purchase a new one.

    Did you spend $50 on wine at TJ’s? That’s a lot of 2-buck-chuck 🙂

  5. Losing your Garmin must be soooo frustrating. Under the seat of the car or stuck inside a sleeve or pocket of a jacket/fleece/pullover/something – those are where mine ends up. I think your 12 miler sounds great! Have fun on those trails!

    1. The architect is still unemployed, and we really don’t have much in our travel fund right now (and by ‘not much’ I mean my travel fund would have to be a credit card), so it seemed imprudent to spend $$ on airfare & hotel for both of us, and I refuse to do my first marathon without my man waiting at the end, because I am a weak little woman who cannot do things without her husband. 🙂

      BUT – I am still doing the training & will try to lounge somewhere in my bikini that weekend to show off my quarter-bouncing abs.

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