Notes from the Coupon Queen – Part III

It is now time for the third installment of “How to Save Money with Coupons” from the Coupon Queen.

Part I and Part II


The moment you’ve been waiting for!  Another video of me!

Just kidding…although I do love watching other peoples videos about random sheeeet.  I used to think that it was so brave for people to put videos of themselves on Youtube.  Now, I just think that it’s something that has to be done.

In my case, at least.

I mean…there was no way that I could die knowing that I didn’t share my coupon tidbits with you, and a video was the only way!  It just couldn’t be avoided.  You’re too important to me.

If you happened to miss the first part of the coupon tutorial, you can get it hizzle.

If you missed part 2 section 1 of the tutorial (video #1), where I showcase my super cool mack daddy binder, you can get it hizzle.

This video is fun for 2 reasons:

1) At the beginning of the video, my hair is sticking up on the side.  And it’s funny.  I laughed about it for a minute.  Then, I considered re-recording the opening fluff, but decided against it.  To deny my sticking up hair would be like denying my very being.

2) I make a corny joke about something 1/2 way through the vid.  Then I make it a point to let you know that I just made a joke.  This is what actually makes the whole scenario unbearably corny.  However, I decided not to edit it out.  That’s just how I roll.  Did I mention that I am one of the uncoolest people that I’ve ever known?  I’m 31 now.  I’ve embraced this part of my character, and it’s ok with me.

The winners of my coupon binder giveaway will receive their binders next week.  I’ve got them all put together, I just need to get some coupons stuffed in the pockets.  IF there is even one ounce of “organized coupon binder-loving princess-ness” in your soul, you will fall in love with your new binder as soon as you receive it!  The binders that I’m sending are actually much nicer than my own, and I’m kind of jealous!

I’ve had a lot of response from people who are interested in purchasing their own stocked coupon binder for just the cost of my materials ($23), so I want to put it out there again.  If anyone would like their very own binder, please send me an email ( and let me know.  Alternatively, you can send the funds via Paypal to the aforementioned email address, and then just send me an email to let me know.  You can order one, two, 500.

Well…maybe let me know well in advance if you want 500 so that I can hire some cheap labor to assist in clipping and assembly.

I will be posting more coupon information after all of the excitement from this post has died down.

I kid.

I’ll be posting more coupon information after I have finished typing it up!

Happy couponing!

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