I miss vacation

Often, when I tell people that I would be perfectly content to not work & to be a stay-at-home cat-mom, they reply, “Oh, no – you’d get so bored.”

But honestly, I wouldn’t. I like my job – quite a bit, most days. But if I never had to go to work again, and could stay home writing & reading & exercising & working on my garden & doing other little projects all the time, I would be so happy.

However, since the architect is unemployed right now, it’s probably not the best time to be experimenting with unemployment myself. And, since I like things like “paying the mortgage” and “shopping,” it will be a while before I feel comfortable with the whole not working thing.

BUT – today is definitely a day that I wish we were there financially.

Work is not significantly less crazy this week – and tomorrow I have jury duty. Which sucks. I mean, I want to do my civic duty & stuff, but I do not have time to do my civic duty right now – nor will I for many months to come.

Also – my ankle still hurts, and is still a little swollen. I probably shouldn’t run. But I want to. I should probably just wait until Friday, but I brought my stuff, and could go out & do a little trail run. No one would ever know. Except you guys.

Speaking of running, I really want to do a trail race – maybe a 25K or 30K – in June. I am planning on doing a search, but if anyone knows of any good fairly local ones, let me know.

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