March Goals

I’m a bit late on this one – my weekend was busy (as I previously stated) and I was actually dreading looking at my goals for February, as I don’t think I even once checked in to see how I was doing.

But, enough delay!

February Goals – Recap

  1. Maintain intuitive eating, which has mostly been going well. FAIL! I gained 1.8 lbs in February – all in the last week, actually. DAMMIT!
  2. Workout at least 5 days each week between 2/1 & 2/21; work out every day between 2/22 & 2/28. – Not bad – week 1: six workouts; week 2: four; week 3: five; week 4: six – considering the amount of stress I was undergoing those first three weeks, I’d say definite win for me!
  3. Maintain a relatively clutter-free home We worked really hard to declutter – it’s an ongoing process, but things are getting neater all the time!
  4. Decrease food spending by another $50 ha ha ha ha – too many happy hours! I spent $225 on groceries in Feb and who knows how much on going out.
  5. Get my next tattoo. DONE!  woo!
So – three wins & two fails – I guess I can live with that!
As for my ongoing 2009 goal of reading 5 new books each month – I read three new books, and have two more that are almost finished – I’ll have to finish 7 in March to catch up!  No more 1,000 page books!  Tune in Friday for a review of the February reads.

And now – for my March Goals

  1. PR on the Shamrock 15K! (fitness) – I just need to be under 1:38, or average 10:30 or less. I’m hopeful
  2. Get plant shelf populated (home) – I have a great plant shelf, but it is empty! I have pots! I have dirt! I have seeds! I just need to do it!
  3. Finish up super secret project requirements (personal) – I have only a few things left, and a deadline of 4/1/09, so I think I can do it. I will tell you more about the super secret project when I find out the results of it.
  4. Think about food. (food) – no seriously. Think about what I’m craving, what I want, what it tastes like, and why I’m eating. That’s not to say that I can’t go home & have some Girl Scout cookies if I’m a bit stressed (damn you, architect, for buying me thin mints), as long as it’s conscious. And don’t just have that slice of pizza because the architect is going back for seconds, too!
  5. Continue to chip away at both debt & increase savings via snowflaking! (finance) – I am getting bits & pieces of money here & there (like a refund for $7.99 for overpayment when I paid off my car), and that is being split 50/50 between savings & debt repayment.
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