So, today I’m back at work after an action-packed weekend that involved the architect & I actually getting to see each other. It was weird!

There are some great photos I want to share of our weekend activities, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until I can obtain them!

The weekend started early on Friday when I went to happy hour with two of my best girls – we drank wine & ate a lot of bacon-wrapped dates (and we weren’t even at Vault).

Saturday, after returning the tiller to the tool library, the architect & I had donuts (although this time, I only had the one – RESTRAINT is my middle name) and then went on a drive. We drove west and into the coast range. A lot of it was really pretty – although there were some depressing areas (and as a general hint, I believe that trash on your front porch is, well, trashy). We went on a walk around a lake and all in all had a good time.

Saturday night I got some new ink. Right now, it’s really bruised looking and not at all pretty, so no pics of that until it heals a bit more. It’s pretty damn cool, though! I’m already thinking ahead to my next one. I love my tattoo artist, and honestly, if any of you PDX peeps (or PDX visitors) need a custom tattoo, Aaron Goodrich is the guy to see.

Sunday I went to meet the running group, and because of a clock/time issue, I showed up about 40 minutes early. It was so pretty when I arrived – blue skies, mountains peeking at me….about 15 minutes before everyone else showed up, it got cold & super windy.

I wasn’t feeling the run AT ALL – my legs were like lead – and then just under 2 miles in (as we were running up & down hills, and I was STRUGGLING which is weird, I usually love the hills), I rolled my ankle on a downhill portion. It got a bit swollen, and it seemed that perhaps I shouldn’t keep running. It’s still bruised, but after a lot of icing, it doesn’t hurt anymore – and my knee, which DID hurt yesterday, is fine today, too.

Tonight, I am just going to yoga, and then try my hill run again tomorrow after work. I came back to an atmosphere at least as crazy as I left – and with the promise that May/June is going to be maybe crazier than January/February. I guess that means I have a job ’til then, though, right?


  1. Ay yi yi on the rolled ankle! Glad it’s not hurting or swollen anymore. And YAY for the new ink!! I can’t wait to see! I have wanted something new for a couple of years now, but I haven’t designed the exact right thing (yet!) Hope your work week keeps you busy enough to go by quickly but not enough to make you crazy.

  2. Jen

    Sounds like a great weekend with your man. Can’t wait to see pics and your new tattoo!

    Sorry you twisted your ankle, that sucks! Make sure not to push it until it is all better. 🙂

  3. Alisa

    You tried yesterday…it was brutal…the wind, the rain, the hills. I’m glad to hear your ankle is better now though! It looked really bad right at first.

    I feel like death warmed over, I”m hoping to make it to the run tomorrow. My fever is gone but I still feel like crap. I’ll email you in the morning from work if I make it in.

    1. if you come to work tomorrow, even if you’re not feeling up for the run, maybe we can do a book exchange? (I’m like a junkie now!)

      I just hope that we’re not ALWAYS going to do our long runs on flat, boring springwater! We need challenge! 🙂

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