So, today I’m back at work after an action-packed weekend that involved the architect & I actually getting to see each other. It was weird!

There are some great photos I want to share of our weekend activities, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until I can obtain them!

The weekend started early on Friday when I went to happy hour with two of my best girls – we drank wine & ate a lot of bacon-wrapped dates (and we weren’t even at Vault).

Saturday, after returning the tiller to the tool library, the architect & I had donuts (although this time, I only had the one – RESTRAINT is my middle name) and then went on a drive. We drove west and into the coast range. A lot of it was really pretty – although there were some depressing areas (and as a general hint, I believe that trash on your front porch is, well, trashy). We went on a walk around a lake and all in all had a good time.

Saturday night I got some new ink. Right now, it’s really bruised looking and not at all pretty, so no pics of that until it heals a bit more. It’s pretty damn cool, though! I’m already thinking ahead to my next one. I love my tattoo artist, and honestly, if any of you PDX peeps (or PDX visitors) need a custom tattoo, Aaron Goodrich is the guy to see.

Sunday I went to meet the running group, and because of a clock/time issue, I showed up about 40 minutes early. It was so pretty when I arrived – blue skies, mountains peeking at me….about 15 minutes before everyone else showed up, it got cold & super windy.

I wasn’t feeling the run AT ALL – my legs were like lead – and then just under 2 miles in (as we were running up & down hills, and I was STRUGGLING which is weird, I usually love the hills), I rolled my ankle on a downhill portion. It got a bit swollen, and it seemed that perhaps I shouldn’t keep running. It’s still bruised, but after a lot of icing, it doesn’t hurt anymore – and my knee, which DID hurt yesterday, is fine today, too.

Tonight, I am just going to yoga, and then try my hill run again tomorrow after work. I came back to an atmosphere at least as crazy as I left – and with the promise that May/June is going to be maybe crazier than January/February. I guess that means I have a job ’til then, though, right?

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