Last night, after whining about my lost Garmin all day, I found it! Or, should I say ‘him.’ I decided the reason he ran away from me & hid under the car seat, even after the architect & I had both searched under the car seats (some of us more than once), was because unlike other Garmins, he did not have a name.

So now he does.

His name is Lionel. Because he is a lion. And lions chase gazelles and make them go faster. And because I am a dork.

So, tonight we will be reunited for a 5ish mile hill run.

Last night I did 45 minutes of runner’s yoga from yoga downloads, and then my 200 SBSD crunches & Week 1/Day 1 of the push-up challenge (level 2) for a total of 29 pushups.

After an IM session yesterday with the Ambitious One, I realized that if I hit all my planned miles for the rest of March, I will have run exactly 100 miles this month! I have never run 100 miles in one month before! So, barring injury, I now have HUGE motivation to make all my runs (too bad about that first week & my 6 mile total that week! I’ve already doubled last week’s total mileage and I’ve only run once).

I feel so unfocused lately – I’m having trouble remembering what I mean to do from moment to moment, and then, when I have some free time, I use it to do ABSOLUTELY nothing.  I feel lazy. And unrepentant.

I’m also excited about Sunday’s 15K! Since I will most likely NOT be doing San Diego, I am putting together an ambitious schedule of races for the spring & summer, all designed to keep me running until I make a decision about my fall marathon (maybe Portland, depending on fundage).

ETA: This is post #666. sweeeeeeet…… please go about your day. I’ll be sitting here being evil. 🙂

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