Last night, after whining about my lost Garmin all day, I found it! Or, should I say ‘him.’ I decided the reason he ran away from me & hid under the car seat, even after the architect & I had both searched under the car seats (some of us more than once), was because unlike other Garmins, he did not have a name.

So now he does.

His name is Lionel. Because he is a lion. And lions chase gazelles and make them go faster. And because I am a dork.

So, tonight we will be reunited for a 5ish mile hill run.

Last night I did 45 minutes of runner’s yoga from yoga downloads, and then my 200 SBSD crunches & Week 1/Day 1 of the push-up challenge (level 2) for a total of 29 pushups.

After an IM session yesterday with the Ambitious One, I realized that if I hit all my planned miles for the rest of March, I will have run exactly 100 miles this month! I have never run 100 miles in one month before! So, barring injury, I now have HUGE motivation to make all my runs (too bad about that first week & my 6 mile total that week! I’ve already doubled last week’s total mileage and I’ve only run once).

I feel so unfocused lately – I’m having trouble remembering what I mean to do from moment to moment, and then, when I have some free time, I use it to do ABSOLUTELY nothing.  I feel lazy. And unrepentant.

I’m also excited about Sunday’s 15K! Since I will most likely NOT be doing San Diego, I am putting together an ambitious schedule of races for the spring & summer, all designed to keep me running until I make a decision about my fall marathon (maybe Portland, depending on fundage).

ETA: This is post #666. sweeeeeeet…… please go about your day. I’ll be sitting here being evil. 🙂

23 responses to “FOUND!

  1. *Love* that you named him “Lionel.”

  2. A 100 mile month would totally motivate me too! Good luck – keep us updated.

  3. 29 push ups is awesome! And a 100 mile month is too. I think I only hit that once in my lifetime.

    • that surprises me for some reason – you just seem like the kind of runner who is racking up unbelievable mileages when training.

  4. 29 pushups is impressive! way to go. i’ve never added up my monthly run totals, but 100 miles is a ton. if you did that for a full year, that would be 1200 miles, and even the most ambitious of us (like viper) struggle to hit 1000. most (like Marcy) aim for 800 on the year and still fall short. sorry if you don’t read viper/marcy, it’s my only frame of reference. i know, i’m a total math geek. must. crunch. numbers. now.

    • compared to all those people I know who run 40+ mile weeks, I’m not feeling really fancy, and I know I won’t keep it up over 12 months, but it’d still be pretty damn cool. Who knows – maybe I won’t get there this month, but I will soon!

      My goal this year is to be over 800, although 1,000 would be awesome.

  5. dr. evil way to go on the naming!! I love Lionel! My garmin is Flash and that was fun to come up with too!

  6. Wow girlie running 100 miles in a month is huge!!!

    I am excited for you!!

    #666 rocks!! I like it. See no evil, hear no evil and all that!!!!

    How was your run??

    • the run was awesome – very little knee pain during (more like SORENESS, really) and none at all after.

      Only 77 more to go this month (that’s a lot, isn’t it?)

  7. Haha…666…I’m not even at 100 yet =).

    We WILL make our monthly mileage goals, though I’m 1.5 short with todays lack of a 6’er. I can tack that one elsewhere…115 sounds so much better than 113.5 =)

    Yay LIONEL! I knew you’d find him!

    • I think we can definitely make our 100 mile mark (115 for you, since you actually did some running last week), but it just sounds so scary to realize I have 77 more this month – that’s still more than I ran last month!

  8. Lionel! Hee. 🙂

    • 🙂 I think I freaked out the architect last night, though, talking about how it’d been nice to spend quality time with Lionel yesterday. I must have gone on & on for about 10 minutes before I realized he didn’t know who Lionel was!

  9. Lionel! Yes! Love it!

  10. Yaaay. I am so glad you found your garmin. Weired how things disapear and then turn up in locations you KNOW you checked several times. I like your new name. Very clever.

  11. i’m continually amazed by your motivation, woman! it makes me tired just reading your posts.

    • I have to make up for all my sloth in the first half of my 20s. (I also have to get plenty of sleep, it makes me tired, too.)

  12. YAY so glad you found it!! love the name 🙂 good luck at the 15k this weekend!!!!

    You could do the half at Eugene 🙂