It’s My Birthday! YAY!

I love my birthday. I don’t really mind getting older (I’m 32 today). So far, every year has been better than the last (although honestly, 2008 left something to be desired), and I don’t expect things to go downhill anytime soon.

This morning, we were awoken by the sound of a muffled radio. Which was weird. After some investigation, it turns out that a school bus was parked on our street with the radio BLARING! Like it was half a block away, and it woke us up. And there aren’t any kids on our street that would need a school bus, so it was just kinda weird.

After that, the architect made coffee & I got to open my present. He got me a couple of Garrison Keillor books that I didn’t have. And the best card EVER! I will have to scan it & share later. It was pretty damn fantastic.

Then we hung out for a while, just enjoying each other’s company, and then, he took me out for breakfast to my favorite breakfast place! I had eggs benedict with hashbrowns & eleventy-billion cups of coffee (I’m hoping my heart rate returns to normal levels soon).

Then, he had to leave me to go to work (that fun kind of work that doesn’t actually involve a paycheck, but does involve lots of effort on his part….can’t really share too many details at this point). 🙁

BUT – he will be back later, I’m guessing.

I was going to run today, but between the weather and the fact that my knee is twingy, I think I’ll just hop on my elliptical instead for an hour or two, and run tomorrow. (My knee was SO SORE when I woke up yesterday, and I almost didn’t go to Bikram.  But I did, with her, and when we finished, I was 98% better. It almost makes me think it would be worth the cost to buy another 10-class package, even though I really can’t afford it. So many dilemmas – so many of them about money.)

I think that I’m going to have a nice day all alone – which is something I haven’t had in about three months. I mean, I love my architect, but since he’s been laid off, he is ALWAYS here. Which is nice. To a point. But it’s also nice to have a day to myself.

Later, I will have a martini, and the the architect will take me out for Mexican food.

All in all, dilemmas aside, life is pretty damn good.

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