So – I have a dilemma. In December, as you may or may not remember (or care), I registered for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon.

I am training for it. I am committed to running a marathon this year.

There is only one small problem (hence, my dilemma).

The architect is still not employed as of today. And honestly, I’m not sure when he will be employed. I do not work full-time.

So – although we’re not in danger of losing our house anytime soon, there is some definite belt-tightening that has to happen.

It’s true that I could probably swing the San Diego trip by myself if the architect didn’t come along. However, there are a couple of problems with that scenario.

That’s his birthday weekend, and nothing says “Happy Birthday” like your wife going to San Diego by herself because you couldn’t afford the trip for the both of you, right?

Also, it’s my first marathon – and I really don’t want to cross the finish line without him there. He’s been my biggest supporter since I started running, and although he’s not a runner himself, I just can’t imagine finishing & not seeing him.

And so many other people who are doing the marathon are down there as couples, and it just kinda sucks to be the one non-couple person in the room, which is probably the lamest reason.

However, since all registrations are final, no transfers, no deferments, etc., I’d basically be taking a $130 loss on this. They did offer to send me a shirt 4-6 weeks after the marathon & I got a $15 off coupon for the Seattle full (so I could spend $200 to run one marathon & get two shirts).

I don’t know what to do. Should I just hold out & not make plans & see if it all works out? Plane tickets are already $350/person – and who knows which direction they’ll go. The one airline that I have enough frequent flier miles on to get a free ticket does not have any flights that would work for that trip.

Ideas? Counsel? Extra money just floating around?

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