Am Still Not Dead (Plus 5 Things I Didn’t Accomplish Sunday)

I would like to (again) aplogize for not stopping by. I’m skimming your posts, I promise!

This week is probably going to kill me. I’m already 25% dead, but only 20% into my workweek! Obviously things need to improve.

Yesterday I spent the day in extreme laziness.  I slept in. I lounged. I surfed. I worked for about 2 hours.

Five Things I Did Not Accomplish Yesterday

  1. Laundry
  2. Writing Interview Questions As Promised
  3. Shoe Porn Research (usually I am able to force myself into this, yesterday? not so much…and I even had a special request!) (Also it took me three tries to spell porn correctly. Tries 1 & 2: pron & poon….hee!)
  4. Sew the buttons on my sad coat.
  5. Exercise

And, because I’m feeling listy – five things I hate about Monday mornings

  1. The Monday part
  2. Scraping my windows
  3. People who can’t merge
  4. Not having coffee already made when I’m rushing out of the house
  5. Other people

(My list was much longer this morning, when I was driving in to work, but I am apparently in a much better mood now, and have forgotten most of the things I hate – which is why I went with thing #5 – I figured that should pretty much cover anything I’ve forgotten.)

I will do my best to have shoe porn on Wednesday – especially since I now have TWO requests….and hopefully will not be dead Thursday afternoon. I am sticking with my goal of 5 workouts this week (Sunday-Saturday), and since I skipped yesterday, I suppose I should go home & exercise or something.

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