It’s snowing. AGAIN! This is not what I signed up for. I want my 45 degrees + rain! At least we are almost back to the time when it is light after work again.

I did make it to the gym this morning for a 4 mile tempo run.

Mile 1 (warm-up): 11:06
Mile 2: 10:20
Mile 3: 10:00
Mile 4: 10:31

Overall – 42:07 (10:31 average)….I am definitely getting faster. Although I think I was supposed to do 5 miles this morning. Oh well.

I feel like I’m not having a productive morning despite my giant latte I had while waiting for the streetcar (in the SNOW! with only one glove!) post-gym.

But – only 8 more days of work before my week-long vacation.


  1. Alisa

    Sorry chica…I feel bad for making you ride streetcar!

    Great Run!!!!!!!!!! I think my average was slighty slower but it definitely felt good to get some of those faster intervals in there. We’ll get faster every week!

  2. Ooooohhhhhh…..a latte sounds yummy right now!!! It’s pouring rain here…tomorrow should be nicer, my Mom said she’s “Putting me in a chair outside for some sunshine”….maybe it would have sounded nicer if she didn’t say “putting” me out there! LOL!

  3. yay for vacations in 15 days – i’m having one that week, too! actually, i’m coming over to oregon city to visit my grandparents that week, so you’d better get the weather to shape up before then!! i’m not crazy about the idea of rain the whole week, but i’ll take that before the snow. when it snows over there, everything just turns into a big, fat mess. SO not in the mood!

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