Seven on the Seventh

Today I participated in the virtual race hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish (she is fantastic with all her virtual challenges).

When I signed up, I gave a predicted finish time of 1:17.

I am pleased to say that I beat that time and came in at 1:14:31!

The splits:

Mile 1: 10:03 (just like a real race, I started out too fast)
Mile 2: 10:37
Mile 3: 10:43
Mile 4: 10:38
Mile 5: 10:58
Mile 6: 10:45
Mile 7: 10:45

Average: 10:38 – After mile one, I was fairly consistent. This is only the third run I’ve done since knee-hab that I came in under 11 minute miles (and the other two were a 5K & a 2 miler). I was definitely pushing myself – but I’m starting to feel that maybe the speed is really going to come back.

On Wednesday last, I did a 4 mile tempo

Lap 1 (one mile): 11:06
Lap 2 (2/3 mile): 10:31
Lap 3 (2/3 mile): 9:46
Lap 4 (2/3 mile): 10:31
Lap 5 (one mile): 11:06

Final time: 4 miles, 42:43 minutes

I’m definitely making some headway!

Other than the run on Wednesday, I had a crap week for exercise. I have been so exhausted this week that I only made it to the gym one morning. I did walk on Monday (3 miles), Thursday (1/2 mile – but it was all uphill) and Friday (1 mile), but I have a hard time believing that was actually exercise!

This is my last 5-day workweek, so my only real goal is to make it through this week with 5 workouts (gym Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning) and to not be dead at the end of it. This week is going to suck.

I am still working on my interview questions, and will get those to everyone who requested an interview tomorrow.

And now, it may be time for more food and water!