I was saying on Tuesday that my vacation keeps getting downgraded. When I first took the week off, it was with plans to go to Mexico.

After the architect was laid off, we talked about going to LA.

Then the coast.

And then a B&B for a night.

And then, we decided to just stay home.

The architect is currently involved in a possibility that I am not going to talk about, because I firmly believe in the power of the jinx. This possibility has been moving at fits & starts for a couple of months. This week it took off.

I just saw him drive up to the house (it’s 9:21 AM). He left at about 8:30 AM yesterday morning. He’s been working on this possibility for 24 hours. Apparently he did get a 20 minute nap. The big slacker.

My vacation is now mostly just trying not to be a pest.

BUT, now he’s home, and maybe I can get some sleep (I can’t sleep when he’s not here, because the power of my awakeness keeps him safe when he’s driving – I have many weird beliefs).

Before sleep, though, we might have some breakfast.


  1. Alisa

    At least you’re on vacation and can now sleep the day away!

    I have a hard time sleeping on the nights Mr. Pi is in class too…especially the nights he stays out to watch the office with friends and doesn’t get home til after 10 or 11. I’m always worried that he’ll get stranded and need me and I’ll be asleep

    1. Justin

      Aww, sorry honey!

      What is all this running good for though if I can’t jog a few miles back home in the middle of the night. 😉

      Hope you find some more time for sleep Amy! I think we have some tequila we could loan you if you want to pretend you are in Mexico.

  2. i am a believer in jinx also 🙂

    fingers crossed though!

    some of my favorite “vacations” are not going anywhere at all… its just nice to be home without having to go to work!

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