I was saying on Tuesday that my vacation keeps getting downgraded. When I first took the week off, it was with plans to go to Mexico.

After the architect was laid off, we talked about going to LA.

Then the coast.

And then a B&B for a night.

And then, we decided to just stay home.

The architect is currently involved in a possibility that I am not going to talk about, because I firmly believe in the power of the jinx. This possibility has been moving at fits & starts for a couple of months. This week it took off.

I just saw him drive up to the house (it’s 9:21 AM). He left at about 8:30 AM yesterday morning. He’s been working on this possibility for 24 hours. Apparently he did get a 20 minute nap. The big slacker.

My vacation is now mostly just trying not to be a pest.

BUT, now he’s home, and maybe I can get some sleep (I can’t sleep when he’s not here, because the power of my awakeness keeps him safe when he’s driving – I have many weird beliefs).

Before sleep, though, we might have some breakfast.

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