Still sleepless

I am incapable of napping. I’m not sure why, but I generally cannot fall asleep during the day unless i’m sick (in fact that’s a good indicator that I am sick – if I’m napping).

So, the architect & I went out for brunch, and he’s sleeping now. I tried – but mostly stared at the ceiling, so I gave up & read Twilight. Which, I know. But I liked it. And may have to borrow the next couple of books now. Of course, I also need to finish both Infinite Jest and The Selfish Gene, both of which I’m enjoying, but were too heavy for an “I’m exhausted beyond belief” read. (Infinite Jest actually is literally too heavey – that sucker has about 1,000 pages.)

I have not exercised yet today, and didn’t end up doing anything yesterday. I’m just feeling heavy & sore & sleepy & lazy. I know I’ll run tomorrow, because it’s supposed to be nice, and that is what I do, but today I have no motiviation.

I think I’m definitely going to have to switch gyms in the next couple of months – or at least before next winter. It’s just ridiculous to drive several miles to the gym when I could walk 2 blocks to the newly refurbished, locally owned gym that lacks nothing but a pool.

Since tomorrow is supposed to be nice, I think I will have to spend some quality outdoor time. I’m going to run, till the garden, and do some general yard clean-up. My crocuses & irises are blooming, my daffodils are up, all my plants are getting leaf buds – I just love spring!

My big exciting exercise news for the week, though, was my Tuesday run. I ran 6 miles in 1:00:54 – which made me pretty happy.

The first mile, I really felt that I was dragging, which is why I was surprised when my Garmin beeped at 10:04. Mile two was even better – 10:01. I knew, though, that I was probably going a bit fast for a six mile run, so during the third mile, I tried to pace myself – and I was running along a bluff and it was WINDY – mile three – 9:29. Mile four – 9:46. At the beginning of miles 5 & 6, I walked for about a minute, as my knee was twinging & I wanted to finish strong. Mile five – 11:00 and mile six – 10:44.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my pace, I felt FANTASTIC! It was the best birthday run ever – made even better by the fact that I found the perfect window of non-rain to run in!

Later that night, the architect & I went out for Mexican food. Mexican food on my birthday has become a tradition, and the last couple of years, we’ve gone to the same place (the only place I really like, and it’s not even quite Mexican). So Tuesday, we tried some place new. Although the restaurant itself left something to be desired, and the service wasn’t great (but, to be fair, we were sharing our waitress with a table of about 15), but the food was definitely the best I’ve had since moving to Oregon. I don’t know if my standards have slipped (totally possible), but I know I’ll definitely be back, even if it was a bit far!

Last night was the PDX blogger meet-up – we need a better name, although I’m not sure that all of the suggestions posted on The Ambitious One’s blog would work for me (actually, there’s only one that makes me oddly uncomfortable – odd because I’m not any kind of prude).

I have photos on my camera, but my exhaustion-induced lethargy has made it impossible for me to get up & find my download thingie, so I will just post the photos that Sarah had on her camera.

Clockwise, starting in front: HTC, my head, The Girl who *hearts* Running, Rocket Shoes, Running Stories, The Ambitious One, Delusions of Other People’s Grandeur – on her inaugural happy hour with us crazies – hopefully she’ll be back, & Junk Miles.

I just need to find some motivation now. It might help if there was some caffeine in the house – but we are out of coffee, caffeinated teas AND soda. Oh, the horror!

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