In Which I Answer Your Questions
In Which I Answer Your Questions

In Which I Answer Your Questions

Q: Why do i feel so good after a martini?

A: Because martinis are the most perfect drink that has ever been created. It’s like sipping on a rainbow in the forest just after a brief  spring storm. It is proof that our lives have meaning. It is proof that I need a damn drink. 

Of course, if you’ve been drinking this kind of martini – and then I think you know why you feel so good. Pervert.

*Questions are edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, and occasionally humor.


  1. For years, while living in Chicago, I tried to promote the Parmesan Martini, to no avail. I mean, if you’re throwing blue fucking cheese in a drink, why not create some pesto and join to the big leagues? I love cheese, I love salty and I love drinking. Make it work people!

    (Other than the recent bacon-infused vodka craze I’ve found nothing to come close to this attempt. Let’s fix this…brain storming session anyone?)

    1. I will be thinking about this. I love blue-cheese stuffed olives in my gin martinis – not sure about pesto martinis – but I’ll be thinking about this. Might be better with a vodka martini than a gin one…..hmmmm…..

  2. i am a girlie martini drinker (cosmopolitans, etc) and i could really use one right now… yes its 10:48am but i am at work on saturday so that means i can need a drink already 🙂

    1. The architect also prefers the cosmo types of martinis, although I’m a bit more hardcore – gin in a class for me!

      I still haven’t had a martini. Life is no fair!

      Sorry ’bout your Saturday work – you probably needed a drink more than I did.

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