Obviously, I need to do better

I am so busy, ya’ll! I am so busy that I am using Southern colloquialisms WHILE TYPING! 

I have many things to share. Like how the gym didn’t suck as much yesterday – I got parking, and my favorite locker, and it wasn’t as crowded with asshats (guess they all had free 7-day passes or something). Oh – and I lent my hair dryer to some naked girl who’d forgotten her towel & was using the hand dryers to dry off. And then I worked. Worky worky worky. And then I went home & was sad. (not because I was done working.) And then I went to bed after falling asleep on the couch sometime between 9 & 9:30. And then, I got up. And today? More work. Work, work, work. I am hoping to leave in about an hour to go to the gym & run a little. And then, it is the weekend. Although *sssshhhhhh* I might work from home a little this weekend. There is so much work.

BUT! I got a new phone, and it arrived at my house today! And I am so excited. I think it might be made out of unicorn snow (which is similar to marine snow, but shinier). It certainly cost as much as you’d think unicorn snow would cost (which is to say, more than you’d expect, but less than something made out of unicorn tears, or the unicorn’s horn).

Ya’ll (there I go again!) I think I am delirious.  I do not see an end in sight. 

I do promise that there will be shoe porn next week. It will be formal/wedding shoe porn. By special request. Next week will also bring installment 2 of the Coupon Goddess’s Coupon Tutorial. OH! And a product review by me! And maybe a contest! It will be exciting around here! (See how I resisted typing “ya’ll” again! The restraint!)

Happy Friday!  Y’all!

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