The Plan

So – I have a plan. My plan involves three goals. Those goals are a 15K on March 15, a half marathon on May 9, and a marathon either May 31 or June 27 (depending on how much expendable travel income I have when it comes time to make that decision). (I am also thinking of a marathon on November 9 in North Carolina, but that’s really not important at this point.)

Anyways, my plan is elaborate. It involves spreadsheets (because I love me some Excel).

And, because I love you guys, I am inflicting sharing my plan with you weekly.  My training plan runs Monday – Sunday, which drives me a little batty, and eventually, I may adjust that, but it’s not as simple as moving columns, as the Sundays would need to be pushed down to the following week. (Actually, it bugs me so much that I’ll probably do that next weekend sometime.)

BUT, moving on. The plan for this week:

Monday: Yoga (check)
Tuesday: Tempo run, 5 miles (1 mile warm/cool; 3 miles at 10:00)
Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical, crunches & push ups; PT exercises
Thursday: Cross-train with The Ambitious One; 30 minutes strength & 30 minutes cardio (not running)
Friday: Easy run, 3 miles @11:30
Saturday: TBD (rest or yoga are the two possibilities at this point)
Sunday: Long run, 6 miles @11:30
Total workout minutes planned: 351 (or 5 hours & 51 minutes); that will go up if I yoga on Saturday (there’s this studio near my house that just added a Saturday class, and I’m kind of dying to check it out).

That is actually a pretty good view of what my weeks will look like – 3 runs on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday. Sunday are long run days, Fridays are easy runs, and Tuesdays are variable – tempo, speedwork, hills, etc.

Mondays are Bikram, Wednesdays are easy home workout nights (usually either elliptical or my Shred DVD), and Thursday are cross-training days.

AND, since I’ve mentioned yoga, I have a question for all you well-endowed yogis out there….do you ever have any trouble…breathing…when in either of these poses?

My boobs fall into my face and then I start to suffocate, which makes it really hard to stay in those poses. I wear a sports bra under my yoga tank, but it does not keep things contained. Any suggestions? Mocking laughter? HELP!

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