Another lazy day
Another lazy day

Another lazy day

I feel like I have a lot of these. I did 90 minutes of yoga this morning from a new video I got from Netflix – it was pretty good, although I must admit I giggled when the instructor told me to curl up the fetal position and become a golden ball of light.

Yesterday, I got a 4-mile run in at the gym in the morning – but right at mile 3.7, I apparently bumped the emergency stop button – and then when the treadmill stopped, I almost fell off. So, I had to restart & run my last .3 miles, and then my workout summary looked stupid.

Tomorrow I am running 7 miles – I’m hoping it’s not TOO cold, and that it’s not sleeting.

I was going to spend the afternoon tomorrow finishing up getting gits ready & baking my last batch of cookies, but now I’m not sure. I was supposed to go shopping today for the dress, but my shopping partner isn’t feeling well, so we may delay until tomorrow….I should probably go to the store now to pick up the stuff I need, but I really don’t want to (since part of that trip was supposed to be picking up a Christmas tree & I can’t do that without the architect).

I really wanted to get the shopping out of the way, but don’t want to go by myself (I need a “that’s way too much cleavage” partner). So now I’m grumpy & crabby & jot sure what to do. I supposed I could always just eat some cookies.


  1. Alisa

    Nice. Which yoga video was it? We’d done a few (and by we I mean Mr. Pi). I’ve only done my standby MTV yoga.

    Sorry about your shopping buddy flaking.

    I’m having a lazy Saturday too. Trying to do laundry, wrap gifts and clean the house. I’ve accomplised none of the three…half the gifts are wrapped and the laundry is in the dryer.

  2. michelle

    Runner gazelle i am sorry i have to come clean with you:
    When i read the part where you said you almost fell off the treadmill, i giggled a little!!! JUST A LITTLE I PROMISE!!!

    And i only giggled because the exact same thing happened to me once, and here’s the thing I DID FALL OFF THE TREADMILL!!!!

    So, see the giggle response??? Well i am glad you didn’t fall off. Have a blast tomorrow running your 7 miler!!! Wonderful!!!

    I may do a 5K Jingle Bell race!!! It looks like it should be fun!!!

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