Running in a Winter Wonderland

So – it is both cold & snowy. The Portland blogging running group (+Mr. Pi) did not meet this morning, due to uncertain roads – and I don’t know about the others, but I did go ahead & run.

I delayed a bit – the architect made omelets & coffee and we lounged a bit this morning. I’m currently reading Douglas Adam’s posthumous collection “The Salmon of Doubt” and felt like watching “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” while doing so.

Finally, at about 11, fully layered up, I walked outside. And then, I promptly walked back inside. “It’s really cold,” I informed the architect. He laughed at me.

I went back outside, waited around a bit for my Garmin to find the satellites, and then took off. I didn’t go my usual route, because I didn’t want to be dealing with wicked steep hills today, so I did my “run by all the parks in N. Portland” route. I had options for 5, 7.5, and something in between. I never did quite warm up, and although I quite enjoyed the first 3 miles, I knew that when I got to the turn to only do 5 miles, that’s what I was going to do. It was getting colder & there were starting to be slippery spots.

I did, however, get to run by Pier Park, which is one of my favorite parks, ever. When it’s a bit warmer, I’ll start running there again. There’s a series of trails that are about a mile or so, and it’s kinda nice to do laps in there – so many big, big trees. It’s beautiful.

Anyways – when I ran by Pier Park, I stopped to get some pictures:

They’re not the best photos, because a) I took them with my cell phone, b) I’m not the best photographer, and c) it was cold & I may have been shivering. I think they convey how pretty it is, though.

I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday & staying warm!

17 responses to “Running in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Cold and snowy west of P-town too. I’m getting ready to hit the treadmill for 15 (i.e. probably like 7).

    Glad you got out and are safe. See you tomorrow.

  2. Good girl!! It was cold! I couldn’t tell if I was sweating or snow was melting on me 🙂 I think it was snow.

  3. Great pictures! It looks beautiful!!!

  4. Hi runner gazelle!
    Nice run you did!! Terrific photos too!!

    Here in NY it is not quite doing anything resembling wintery snowy stuff!!! Its cold but thats about it!! I got a 4 miler in today!!!

    Hope your warm and toasty!!!

  5. Snow is so pretty in the country/suburbs…I miss snow, in the city it gets so gross and gray and slushy!

  6. love the snow in pics.
    any kind.

    not so much outside my front door.


    • This is the best way – we get snow maybe once a year, but never have to shovel or anything. (Except this year, when we’re having some weird winter thing going on.)

      It’s the perfect balance between South Dakota & Los Angeles.

  7. winter running..i am muy jealous-o

  8. Looks pretty mild over there :-). I haven’t seen the faint trace of grass in quite some time now.

    Happy running!

  9. Yea you better be careful running in the snow with your knee. still it looks like a ton of fun! great pics.

  10. soooo pretty 🙂 great job getting out there in the COLD!

  11. Beautiful pictures!! Great job on the run- I am impressed you remained up right. I certainly would have landed on my ass a couple of times.

  12. That is pretty darn bad-assed to get up and run in the cold like that. I stayed snuggled in bed on Sunday until about 10am. And only got up for a bloody mary.

  13. Ohh I remember snow. It looks so pretty…and feels so cold!