Friday! Woo!
Friday! Woo!

Friday! Woo!

This week has been long. And since it’s only noon, I’m guessing it will continue to be long for 5 more hours. 

I did not get up to run this morning. I wanted to, but the bed was so warm, and my calves were crampy, so I decided they were tired and needed more rest.

I will, however, run when I get home tonight. And then, the architect & I will make pizza & hold hands and bond. Or something. We may just watch a movie and drink a beer. Hard to say with us.

I wanted to thank everyone for their statements of sympathy and empathy – and especially for the suggestions on money saving. 

I think that we will have to drastically cut down our eating out, and I need to rethink how I grocery shop to save some more money. We don’t have cable or a land line to get rid of, but we did merge our cells into one plan to save a little bit of $$. I wish I’d had a larger garden last year so I could put up more stuff, but we won’t need to buy salsa or jam anytime soon. 🙂

We make most of our own bread, and that will now be ALL of our own bread. 

I think we will switch Friday night dates to stay-in game & pizza nights for now. Probably go to Saturday lunch dates.

It’s going to be tight, but we’ll be fine. At least we don’t have kids to feed. The cats – kinda expensive, and not really useful when you need someone to empty the dishwasher (they never get the forks in the right drawer), but keeping them in catfood will be okay. If necessary, we can always go to Meow Mix or something. 

Everytime the architect has been laid off (architecture is a volatile business) something bigger & better has come along. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I know that will happen again. (Conversely, everytime I’ve been laid off, it’s been a huge step backwards, financially & career-wise, and has been very, very sucky. So I am never being laid off again. In case you were wondering.)

I think that I will be renouncing retail for the coming months. Which sucks the big one. I love to shop. It’s a damn good thing I bought that pair of shoes last month (which, by the way? Ridiculously comfortable.) as they may be the last pair in a good long while.

It’s all thrift stores, garage sales & eBay for us.

Except for one thing. And I ask this sincerely.

I have a bit of a confession before going into my question. I used to believe, much like that woman who sings that Redneck Woman song, that there was no difference between Wal-mart bras & Victoria’s Secret bras besides the price. Now, I know that I would never wear either. I also believed that drugstore cosmetic brands were the same as department store cosmetic brands. And never wore cosmetics, because of the breaking out.

But, then I discovered good make-up. And I wear it every day. Not necessarily skillfully, but still. 

I am nearly out of:


  • Philosophy Purity facewash
  • Philosphy Hope in a Jar moisturizer
  • Smashbox bronzer
  • Shiseido tinted moisturizer
  • Smashbox neutral eyeshadow


Why am I out of so many things all at once? Also, do you know how much that stuff costs? That’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on cosmetics.

What would you do? Is there anything you wouldn’t compromise over? Is there anything you would? Right now, I’m leaning towards not compromising on my moisturizers (the tinted & the not), but would compromise on the facewash, maybe (sometimes I use the architect’s Cetaphil, and it’s never harmed me). Why is this my dilemma? Am I shallow? Should I be beaten with a stiletto?


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  2. I know exactly what you mean about having to compromise on the beauty products – it sucks! i’ve had that dilemma several times – right now I’m using Walmart brand of body lotion instead of my lovely, lovely Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop. It used to make me a bit hostile every morning when I’d go to get lotioned up, but I’ve decided it’s better to compromise a little bit than not be able to pay my rent.

    You might try just downgrading a little bit – like, don’t go all the way down to Walmart (and yes, we ALL know it’s a BIG step down), but just take things down a notch price-wise. I’m not good at spouting off brands to try, so I’m no help in that category, but maybe Sephora would be.

    It’s not fun, but it’s only temporary. And look at it this way – I’m sure the Architect will think you’re beautiful no matter what you look like (I know, that never makes me feel better, either).

  3. I am so glad the work week is finally over! i mean, until i have to finish this one large project before a 9:30 skype.

    There’s nothing i won’t compromise on. i’m a cosmetics camel. it helps being a dude. but i’ve cut back to a diet of top ramen and doral cigs many, many times.

  4. I don’t compromise on my running kicks and clothes. Thats just me. I like to wear stuff that will either keep me cool in summer and warm in winter.


    Just do what makes you feel comfortable!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Buy the makeup! Buy the makeup! Buy the makeup!

    I am really in no position whatsoever to tell you what to do, but since you asked…Buy the Makeup! 🙂

    P.S. I should probably admit that I feel about makeup the way you feel about shoes…

  6. Ugh, I’m sorry to hear about the layoff. It’s such a sucky time for the job market. It sounds like you have a good contingency plan and I’m sure you and the architect will land on your feet.

    That is the upside of being so young during this, people around our age don’t have a lifetime of savings to worry about and can keep in the back of our minds that the market will NOT be like this forever and we still have our whole financial lives in front of us to fret about money! I know it’s not much but hopefully it is a silver lining for you during such a tough time.

    PS – I like your martini idea. I think it will grow on him. 🙂

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