As You May Have Intuited

from yesterday afternoon’s post. The architect was laid off yesterday. About an hour before I made that post. Because I am a big believer in keeping all of you up-to-date on my life. Also, I didn’t have my phone with me yesterday, so I couldn’t call anyone & say “hey! guess what!”. 

Right now, he is actually feeling a little relieved. Apparently going to work every day with this shadowy axe hanging over your head is a bit…stressful. 

I did go ahead & broach the martini idea to him and we’ll see what happens when I get home tomorrow.

Right now, we are going through our budget & seeing what we can cut out. Unfortunately, we don’t have things like “cable” or “my housecleaner” to get rid of.  We will probably cancel our Netflix after this month is over. We merged our cell phone plans into one shiny new plan last night, which should save us about $20/month and months of aggravation (his cell phone never worked in our home).

We will make sure we’re getting the best insurance deals.

I wish my car was paid off, because I would definitely get rid of it if it was. Anyone want a Hyundai for about $3,500? It’s a great car. Gets about 28 mpg in the city/30 or so on longer trips. Some cosmetic damage due to aggressive parking garage poles. Let me know. 🙂

We’ll be fine for now. We’ve been expecting this & planning for it. I wish we had a bit more in our emergency fund, but between what we do have & the unemployment, we’ll have to be frugal, but we’re not looking at a foreclosure or Top Ramen yet. 

But – if anyone has any tips on how to save money – let me know. 

In other, non depressing news, I ran yesterday, and it was good. I do need new inserts for my shoes (damn you, expenses now that I have very little discretionary funds left), but I was trying to maintain an 11:30 pace (as per my easy run training plan), but kept getting closer to 11. I think I may need to change my planned paces. They’re based off my recent 5K time, but 11:30 seems awfully slow for an easy 2-miler. Am I wrong? Should I run slower? Can I bump all my planned paces up 30 seconds? Advice?

This morning, I met the Ambitious One at the gym. We did 30 (me) 40 (her) minutes of cardio – bikes this morning and then weights. I was glad to have such an experienced gym-goer with me. The weight machines always intimidate me even though I’ve used most of them. I would never go do something like that on my own. We did decide that 7 AM was too late to meet, though, so we’ll be looking at 6:30 Thursday mornings starting the week after Thanksgiving.

The biggest immediate effect the architect’s joblessness has on me is that we carpooled 2x a week, and on those mornings (Wednesday & Friday), I could get up & run or Shred (depending on my plan for the day) before work. That meant needing to be up & exercising before seven. So – no biggie. Now that I have to go back to all public transportation all the time, In order to run before work, I will need to leave the house by 6:15 instead. Still doable, but much less fun. Since I’m going to be running after work on Tuesdays, that on Wednesday, I can Shred when I get home (not so bad – that’s only 20 minutes). It’s Fridays that are going to suck. I just have trouble exercising after work on a Friday.  I will now have to come up with a new plan. Dammit.


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