As You May Have Intuited
As You May Have Intuited

As You May Have Intuited

from yesterday afternoon’s post. The architect was laid off yesterday. About an hour before I made that post. Because I am a big believer in keeping all of you up-to-date on my life. Also, I didn’t have my phone with me yesterday, so I couldn’t call anyone & say “hey! guess what!”.ย 

Right now, he is actually feeling a little relieved. Apparently going to work every day with this shadowy axe hanging over your head is a bit…stressful.ย 

I did go ahead & broach the martini idea to him and we’ll see what happens when I get home tomorrow.

Right now, we are going through our budget & seeing what we can cut out. Unfortunately, we don’t have things like “cable” or “my housecleaner” to get rid of. ย We will probably cancel our Netflix after this month is over. We merged our cell phone plans into one shiny new plan last night, which should save us about $20/month and months of aggravation (his cell phone never worked in our home).

We will make sure we’re getting the best insurance deals.

I wish my car was paid off, because I would definitely get rid of it if it was. Anyone want a Hyundai for about $3,500? It’s a great car. Gets about 28 mpg in the city/30 or so on longer trips. Some cosmetic damage due to aggressive parking garage poles. Let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ll be fine for now. We’ve been expecting this & planning for it. I wish we had a bit more in our emergency fund, but between what we do have & the unemployment, we’ll have to be frugal, but we’re not looking at a foreclosure or Top Ramen yet.ย 

But – if anyone has any tips on how to save money – let me know.ย 

In other, non depressing news, I ran yesterday, and it was good. I do need new inserts for my shoes (damn you, expenses now that I have very little discretionary funds left), but I was trying to maintain an 11:30 pace (as per my easy run training plan), but kept getting closer to 11. I think I may need to change my planned paces. They’re based off my recent 5K time, but 11:30 seems awfully slow for an easy 2-miler. Am I wrong? Should I run slower? Can I bump all my planned paces up 30 seconds? Advice?

This morning, I met the Ambitious One at the gym. We did 30 (me) 40 (her) minutes of cardio – bikes this morning and then weights. I was glad to have such an experienced gym-goer with me. The weight machines always intimidate me even though I’ve used most of them. I would never go do something like that on my own. We did decide that 7 AM was too late to meet, though, so we’ll be looking at 6:30 Thursday mornings starting the week after Thanksgiving.

The biggest immediate effect the architect’s joblessness has on me is that we carpooled 2x a week, and on those mornings (Wednesday & Friday), I could get up & run or Shred (depending on my plan for the day) before work. That meant needing to be up & exercising before seven. So – no biggie. Now that I have to go back to all public transportation all the time, In order to run before work, I will need to leave the house by 6:15 instead. Still doable, but much less fun. Since I’m going to be running after work on Tuesdays, that on Wednesday, I can Shred when I get home (not so bad – that’s only 20 minutes). It’s Fridays that are going to suck. I just have trouble exercising after work on a Friday. ย I will now have to come up with a new plan. Dammit.



  1. okay, this may seem completely counter-intuitive (or just plain stupid) but after my divorce, I was B-R-O-K-E, and my car payment was killing me. What I ended up doing was refinancing my house and paying off the debts I had (including 20k of car debt). Long term financially wise, maybe not the smartest move (although I doubt I will stay in the house for more than 5 more years, so… it may come out in the wash). However, it decrease my monthly bills by about 1/3 and my stress level and unhappiness by 1000%. Anyway, just thought I would toss it out there. Good luck.

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  3. Alisa

    Guess this means no more shoe porn right?! Sad! I wish there was something I could do. I’m all about the free at the moment too…with Xmas around the corner…ugh!

    We could set a gym date on Friday evenings…maybe we could leave work early(ish) and plan something…then I could just drive you home. It’s a thought.

    1. I can still post & drool over the porn. Probably will have to continue my moratorium, though.

      We could do Friday night gym dates – after T-Day, anyways! We should nail down our joint workout plans. Of course, that would mean we’d be working out together Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday! It’s kinda awesome to have a workout buddy!

  4. it’s tough to go back to public transportation. and if it comes down to it, you might want to think about your mortgage as well. I’ll email you a quick story about my “fun” 2007. it doesn’t need to be public. i guess i’m not the sharer you are.

    Glad you got a good run in. I just got back from 6 glorious miles myself.

  5. Harumph. I’m sorry the Gazelle household is now among those effected (affected? I never could figure out which goes where) by the economic situation.

    I’m trying to think of cost saving measures.
    I broke up with the money hungry dry cleaner and instead just use Woolite and the gentle cycle.
    But knowing you, you already make all kinds of sacrifices, mostly in the name of the environment (hello water collecting barrels and DIY laundry detergent!) that save you a lot of $$.
    I guess I’m grateful for the two of you, in a weird way, that you’ve been anticipating this as a possibility and therefore you’ve been responsibly putting cashola into your rainy day fund.

    I’m glad you both seem to be taking the news so well!!

    1. I believe it’s ‘affected’ but when asked to explain the difference, I never can.

      I have to admit, that with all my domestic frugality, I still dry clean. Because they also iron, and I suck at ironing. BUT, I am buying that Dryell stuff & will learn to iron this weekend. Also will be hemming some pants this weekend. I really am going to have to become a domestic diva now!

      I wish we’d been better at saving (the driveway project took a lot of our savings) and that I was better at not having credit card debt. BUT – I think we can do it!

      Thanks for the support. If you’re in town & want an easy-peasy run Sunday morning, 10 AM, fountain on the west end of the Hawthorne bridge.

  6. Hi, i’m sorry about the architect! This time of year is a bad time to be laid off, but with him feeling less stress, it may work out AOK!!!

    As far as running, i am not an expert but if you can shave the 30 seconds off without pain or without it feeling to hard then go for it!!!

    I am running a 5K on sunday!!! Wish me luck!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Well shit.
    I’m sorry. Sad truth is that this is giong to happen more and more to peeps like us. Scary.

    Money saving? Eat the top ramen so you can afford teh good vodka. I’ll have a martini for you tonight.

  8. Stephie

    Well, if its any consolation, in the course of 1 year, we went from 85000 to 55000 when I decided to stay home with C and then 30000 a year later when Bub was laid off and took a job at a credit card call center. We were able to maintain our mortgage and not put things on credit. It’s a little tough…but not unmanagable.

    i think our biggest change was not going out for dinner, but instead going out to lunch when you can get two lunches, tax and tip for under $25. Now, neither of us are drinkers, but still with a couple of drinks, it is way less at lunch. You’ve got a good start with all the fruits/veggies you have stored from the summer. Just watch for sales and stock up when non-perishables are on sale. I’ve been known to buy 24 cans of green beans for $6 when they are on sale so I don’t have to buy them for 75 cents a can–not that I eat canned green beans…but the kids love them and it’s one of the few veggies I can get them to eat.

    Now that we are making more money, I’m still living the cheap life-stocking up when cereal, canned goods, pasta and anything that can go in the freezer go on sale.

    Tell the architect that we are thinking about him – and you too! Tough time to be laid off, but you are both wise and something will work out. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for sharing this – if you can do it with a kid, then surely we’ll be fine with just cats. I think that switching from Friday dinners to Saturday lunches will be nice – and we can just drink at home. WAY cheaper, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I like your shopping tips. I’ve been trying to do that a little, but I love pretending I’m a gourmet cook. I just need to start planning menus against what’s on sale instead of what sounds like fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will tell the architect that you are thinking of him! Miss you!

  9. OH MY! Goodness gracious…why on earth do these things always happen right before the holidays???

    Unfortunately, I have been in your shoes…twice. Yuck. Ways to save money? I have ideas (just throwing them out there):

    no prepared food at all, cooking from scratch only (architect has time, right?)

    Google ADSENSE?

    since jobs are pretty scarce, architect could watch somebody’s kid/kids during day for a little money?

    rent out a room to somebody you know (so many people have been laid off, cheap for them, income for you)

    sell something fancy on eBay?

    perhaps architect could freelance? do temp work? Hope this doesn’t offend…I’m not up on correct architect parlance.

    Every time we’ve been laid off, things ALWAYS end up BETTER than they were. Better opportunity. Better pay. Happier location. Same with our friends who’ve been laid off. Good will come of this. Good will come.

    To the Architect: Sorry you’ve been laid off but glad the stress of not knowing is over for you. This in no way reflects upon you and your future is as bright and sunny as ever. Take a week off, indulge yourself, rest. Then get back out there. Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you for this. I am hoping it doesn’t come to renting a room to someone, because I hate people ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I am looking for things to sell on eBay. I do have a shoe collection, if it comes down to that.

      Freelance & temp work are definitely something he could do (and no worries about offense). I know things will end up better than they were – just not sure when.

      I will make sure he comes by & reads all the nice things people have said.

      Again – thank you.

  10. Oh man, I am so dense . . . I totally didn’t get it when you said this the other day. I was thinking, huh, she’s having fun with innuendo. DUH!

    I’m sorry about this, but it sounds like you’re handling it pretty well. I will try to come up with some saving money tips–I actually have a lot from my paying off debt days, I was thinking of starting a section on my blog about it. Maybe now is the time!

    OH! Off the top of my head–you might qualify for a reduced phone bill. When I was in school, I made such a low income that I got my phone bill for like $15 a month. Don’t know that it applies, or even if you have a landline. But that’s a thought. I believe Edison has a similar program, if you go to their websites, you can probably look into it.

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