15 Random Thoughts When Recovering from the Flu

  1. I think I won’t die. (Well, eventually, I will likely die – just not anytime today. Probably.) However, I am still lacking a lot of focus, so today, I just have bullet points.
  2. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling better – able to keep the food where it belongs.
  3. I made African Chicken Peanut Soup for dinner last night, and it was amazing – I was able to eat an entire bowl of soup without once even contemplating puking. So – definite progress.
  4. My friend Kim brought me over a bunch of pumpkins (two large & two smallish), so more pumpkin butter is in the making. Also other pumpkin-y things.
  5. I really really need a chest freezer. My little freezer is always so full.
  6. I need to go out today & get some groceries and some inserts for my running shoes.
  7. I think I’m going to take today off (4th day in a row – boo) and get back into some exercise tomorrow with some light elliptical. Run on Wednesday & Friday & Sunday.
  8. There is something in my diet that is bad. I’m not sure what it is, and I think I need to start tracking my food – but every few meals, I get uncomfortably full & bloated feeling, even when I haven’t eaten much. This morning for breakfast, I had coffee with soy creamer, one slice of 12-grain bread (from the store), an egg & some cheese (the bread, egg & cheese were a delicious little sandwich). Is it the bread? the cheese? I have some issues with dairy. BUT, not usually cheese (lately). Should I give up the most delicious food ever created (cheese, in all forms) or should I cut back on my wheat? Is it the egg? I can probably give up eggs. (Bread & cheese, along with tomatoes are the most perfect foods. Everything else is just a vehicle for the enjoyment of bread & cheese.)
  9. I am lactose intolerant – although I can usually do cheese lately. However, there was a time when even cheese was bad – hence my cheese worry with this morning’s breakfast. In related news, today I won something. My first win for anything blog-related. Free ice cream.  I would’ve turned it down, but they do make frozen fruit bars with very little dairy. Also, I love ice cream, even if it hates me. And I love Blue Bunny. Also, I was pretty sure the architect would be angry if I’d turned down free ice cream.)
  10. Why did I get the flu? I just had a flu shot like three weeks ago. That was a total waste of money (okay, fine, it was a free shot, but still). [Also, I realize that influenza does not often come with vomiting, but it CAN! And I had the symptoms: fever, severe body aches & muscle pain, headache as well as general malaise. I did not get the respiratory symptoms, which probably means I didn’t actually have influenza, but STILL!]
  11. I really like the phrase “general malaise.” It sounds so genteel.
  12. I really really wish I had someone to come clean my house for me. I like having a clean house – I just can’t really be bothered.
  13. I have spent all morning researching cookie recipes. I am totally going to kick the holiday bake-off’s ass. Or something.
  14. I am not going to my lady appointment today. Hair removal & the last vestiges of the flu do not go together.
  15. Week One of not being on a diet seemed to go pretty well. I paid a lot of attention to hunger & full signals, and almost acted accordingly. I was really good about not over-stuffing myself. I felt that I made good choices. I brought my lunch to work. I brought snacks. I went to yoga on Monday, ran on Tuesday, Shredded on Wednesday, Crazy Weights on Thursday. I also got sick & vomited for 24 hours. The result? I gained 2.6 lbs. Seriously. What the hell happened? How do you eat right, exercise, throw up everything for a day & still gain 2.6 pounds? I am now at my highest weight in well over a year. I am 10 pounds over my lowest weight (since high school). This is complete insanity! ACK!!!!  I’m not quite sure I understand. It’s going to be hard to stay off the scale until next Monday.  I have gained 5.6 lbs in the last 2 weeks, and I’m not quite sure why. If I’m not careful, I’m going to have to go buy new pants again (since I got rid of everything over a size 6 last year). And that is unacceptable.  No plan yet….but I’m working on it.

I almost forgot! I have now participated in a listless Monday!  WOO!

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