Nearly Dead

So – I am beginning to think that perhaps my extreme inability to move on Friday was only partially due to the Thursday weights class & may also have been partially due to the fact that I am sick.

By Friday evening, I was a wreck. The architect & I were meeting friends out, and honestly, if it had been just about anyone else, I would’ve cancelled. BUT, these were people who I haven’t seen since August, and I am inordinately fond of them (well, I don’t know her QUITE as well as I know him, but I do really like her). So, we went out & had beers. At one point, as I’d started my first beer, but before there was food, I thought I might pass out. I ate a little, and started to feel a bit better, but I just thought that the muscle soreness was just messing with me (seriously – I have never been that sore before, not even when I went on my first hike with the architect 6 years & 60 lbs ago, and that was bad).

After I had to reject the idea of me playing pool, we went to our friend’s place where he made me many vodka drinks & I got to sit in the chair in front of the heating vent. A good time was had by all.

The next morning I woke up still very very sore. And headachey. And confused – I hadn’t had THAT much vodka. We took two of the cats to the vet and spent more money on them than they probably deserve (Darwin has to be sedated for exams & rabies shots).

The architect & I went to Home Depot as we do most weekends, and then went out to lunch. I felt a little queasy, but was still blaming it on the vodka. Then, after lunch, the vomiting started. (Sorry other people in the bathroom at the restaurant!)

I insisted that we could still go to Target, since we were right there, but that probably marks the fastest (and cheapest) trip to Target ever (although I did get a 2nd crockpot).

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the sofa watching Buffy & playing RPGs. And occasionally deciding that I felt well enough to try to eat (I was ravenous) and then hanging out in the bathroom.

It has now been 14 hours since I’ve last thrown up. I ate some bread & jam for breakfast, and it’s staying down, although it’s not happy about it. I think the worst feeling in the world is nausea, and I have now been nauseous for well over 24 hours.

With fever & chills, that makes life a barrel of laughs.

Do you know what we don’t have? Soup. Saltines. Ginger Ale. I would really like some soup & saltines & ginger ale. I am really hungry. The last thing I ate that stayed put (before my bread this morning) was a doughnut, and that’s just not very nutritionally sound.

My one consolation is that I don’t believe I’m quite as much of a wuss as I was thinking. I don’t think that it was the weight lifting that made me feel so sore (although I’m sure it didn’t help), but rather the onset of the plague.

I would like to apologize to the Ambitious One & Junk Miles for ditching them last night, and for skipping the run this morning. And to anyone I may have come into contact with & infected in the last couple of days. And again, anyone who was in the bathroom at BJs yesterday at about 1 PM.

Provided I survive this sick (gotta love losing an entire weekend to illness), I will be running again Tuesday – 5:30ish, Lincoln High track. We have speedwork planned, but depending on how I’m doing, I may just run laps.

And, if you’re in the neighborhood & you have some nice, non-spicy soup, feel free to stop by. I promise not to puke on you.

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