Weekend photo essay
Weekend photo essay

Weekend photo essay

Has been postponed due to not having the camera in order to download photos.  It was an interesting weekend, though.  So, you know, hold your breath & stuff for the photo essay!

The architect is at work right now, which sucks.  And although it is a holiday weekend, it seemed extra short.  I usually have Mondays off anyways, but I don’t feel that it was extra non-laborious.  I didn’t slave away being domestic today, with the exception of laundry & my bi-monthly grocery shopping.

I feel crabby.  That may have something to do with the unexpected houseguest.  Blah.

Next weekend will be very industrious.  We will finish the bulk of the driveway work AND I really need to start digging out the expanded garden so I can get the garlic planted in the next few weeks.  I bought some bulbs today, so I’ll want to get those planted in the next month, too.

Also found out today that my in-laws are coming 9/17 – 9/22.  I love my in-laws, so I’m actually very excited – I just like a bit more warning when guests are coming.  At least they’ll be here for the Pirate Festival!


  1. Ha! I’ve never heard of the PirateFest!!

    I think you are at CrazyWeights right now and I am totally jealous. Just about to head outta town, BUT, I foresee some CrazyWeight-ing in my crystal ball for next week…….

    Mental note: I need to pick your brain on this gardening business.

    1. I am not at crazy weights today, but will be on Thursday. Are you out of town AGAIN? Crazy traveler!

      Any time you want to talk garden, let me know.

      And any time you want to come to the pirate festival, you can park at my house!

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