September Goals

I was reading JeepGirl’s goals for September (and her August recap) and I thought – that is a damn good idea. I did do the 101 in 1,001 at the beginning of the year – but that is WAAAY too many goals for me. I’m really a 3-5 goals at a time kinda girl. And short periods of time, otherwise I forget.

I decided that I needed 5 September goals

1) Track food for 30 days

2) Initiate passport renewal process

3) Do 15 minutes of cardio a day, following physical therapist’s plan to the letter!

4) Get garden prepped

5) Attend pirate festival

***awkward segue to political rant***

Also, if I hear one more statement about how keeping a baby with Down Syndrome or not getting an abortion when you find out you’re pregnant at 17 means you’re pro-life, I might stab someone (obviously I am not pro-life).  If I got pregnant right now, it would definitely NOT be planned.  I would keep the baby.  If I got pregnant right now, and found out that the baby had Down syndrome, I would keep the damn baby.  I would name it Neville and start a therapy fund, and refer to it as “that damn baby” (ha ha – just kidding!), but I would keep it.  And I am definitely not anti-choice.  Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion.  Asshats.  Seriously!  When people equate having babies to being pro-life (or anti-choice, as I prefer to call it), then they just sound stupid.  Many, many people who are pro-choice have babies.  If I’d gotten pregnant at 17, I don’t know what I would have done, but whatever I hypothetically would have chosen had the occasion arisen, would not have changed my stance, as firm then as it is now, that I am 100% decidedly pro-choice.

I am NOT, however, pro-abstinence-only education.  And I think maybe the argument there is that perhaps a 17 year old girl, who has been thrust unfairly into the national spotlight by the prominence of her anti-choice, pro-abstinence-only mother is pregnant at 17, and I was not.  You know what keeps teens from getting pregnant?  Birth control.

End rant.

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