I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I got to run yesterday.  And, I’m pretty sure I get to do it again tomorrow. Yes – I am a lucky girl. And if you’d told me 5 years ago that I would be begging a physical therapist for permission to run, I would have asked you to share some of your crazy sauce, because you obviously had more than you needed.

I am bound and determined to lose my last 10 (minimum) pounds.  My weight loss has not been the yo-yo journey some experience. It has been steady and slow (oh my god it has been slow).  I don’t want to rejoin Weight Watchers. It was fine. I think it helped when I really needed the help. But now? Not so much. Now I can’t just count points and have it work for me. I’m not sure what changed, but I know I can’t do it anymore.

Six years ago, I weighed 64 pounds more than I weighed yesterday morning (and 59 pounds more than I weighed at the doctor’s office yesterday). Six years ago I was a size 18/20. (Also, I am 5’2”.)

At my heaviest, although my boobs were bigger

The first 40 pounds came off like magic. All it took was spending a great deal of time with someone who was relatively active and didn’t routinely overeat (hi architect!). After losing 40 pounds, I felt pretty good about myself. Which was good, because at that point, the weight stopping coming off. I was still dropping inches & clothing sizes, but not pounds.

Wedding Amy (although I wore more clothes to my wedding)


Between fall 2003 & spring 2007, I lost no weight. In spring 2007, I was a size 12. At this point, I no longer really thought of myself as “fat” but I knew I wanted to lose a little more weight – I wanted to be a faster runner, mostly. Between June and October, I lost 25 pounds. And then, once again, it stopped. I dropped one more size after the weight loss stopped, but have not lost a pound in almost 1 year.


Now - more or less (my boobs are bigger)
Now - more or less (my boobs are bigger)



It’s not that I’m unhappy with my size, but I know that the extra weight, while significantly less than I was carrying six years ago, can still have an adverse effect on my health. There are a couple of relatives who have diabetes, and I believe some with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol.

Also, I totally believe that 10-15 pounds will get me under a 9 minute mile over 10K, and that would be cool.  Slow, but cool.

This is what Im aiming for, smaller boobs & all
This is what I'm aiming for, smaller boobs & all

So – I am DETERMINED. I have joined Glam’s Muffin Melt-off, with the goal of drastically reducing my muffin top by the end of October. Other than not eating five-pound burritos at Chipotle (which I do about once a year), my plans include bringing my lunch to work every day and continuing my menu planning (tonight – Moroccan Stew).

Also, I am finally able to exercise a bit more, and am taking advantage of that (cautiously, of course). If I am good, I will be able to run again tomorrow. Tonight, I am getting off the MAX a few stops early, for a nice 1.5 mile walk. Thursday, I am going to Crazy Weights (HTC – will you be joining A & me?), and will probably, if I am not in any way sore, do a little elliptical after. I haven’t figured out Friday yet. Apparently waiting for me to get done with yoga is not the architect’s favorite Friday date night activity, and I’m not sure I’d have a ride, besides, I think I’ll give that a go on Saturday morning. I have a lot of yard work this weekend (I’m just over 50% done with the (not quite as) big (as the city of Portland’s) dig to expand my garden.  Who knew it would be so much work to dig out 348 cubic feet of dirt.  I dug for about 1 hour on Saturday & 1.5 hours on Sunday (not including rest breaks), and I’m still only about 50% done!  At this rate, it will be December before I plant my garlic! But – great source of exercise – not so much cardio, but my blisters are getting hella-strong.

What are you doing to stay fit as it gets darker, colder and (in the Pacific NW at least) wetter? 

Also – stay tuned!  A contest on Thursday! I have a fun item to give away – should interest all you runners, body image bloggers, etc. out there!


  1. I TOALLY wore that outfit on my wedding day! Virginal white!
    Seriously tho, I did not know you had lost such a significant amount of weight. Congratulations on sticking with your program and doing it in a healthy way – I’m so happy for you! Celebratory martinis all around! (I’m off to get one right now…accompanied by some sushi 🙂
    PS I went for a walk today and it’s the first ‘Fall” day in Chicago and even tho I lovelovelove the warmth of summer, I got a little excited for the brisk air.

  2. Congrats on the permission for PT! Whoo hoo 🙂 I’ll bet you’re thrilled!! I too need to lose a few more pounds to be a faster runner (and get a man so I can be wear that outfit to a wedding!). Don’t do WW though – I’m anti that program – it can make people crazy!

    1. I am SO excited. I’m hoping to Run Like Hell in October, but if not, I’ll at least be in good shape for my spring races (Shamrock 15K, Bridge 10K, Hippie Chick 1/2 & *fingers crossed* a marathon).

      I did WW and although it was helpful when I was heavier, it doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  3. Alisa

    I’m so in awe of your journey. I think it is so inspiring to hear other people’s weightloss and exercise journeys. I would love to have a sub-10 minute mile for a 1/2 marathon and everntually a 4 hour marathon.

    Once you’re healthy we can conquer the running faster goal together.

    1. I am so excited for our future runs! We are about the same pace now, so it should be good to get faster together. Although, since your legs are about 10 times longer than mine, I’m not sure I believe that you’re NOT faster.!

  4. What I love most about your weight loss story is how the weight came off slowly and safely. I love your attitude about your plateaus, and when you decided to bust through them, you did so because of health. I commend you for your impressive weight loss!

    As for muffins… this really will be fun to get everyone involved. During my workouts I keep thinking, “Do you really want October 31 to roll around and still be sportin’ the same muffin while everyone else looks smokin’?!” This train of thought may also be the reason why I had to bring a heating pad to work today and am looking forward to my lunch of Advil and muscle relaxers! 😉

    Since Fall is hands down my favorite season, I always feel inspired to be healthier and center my chi (or whatever…). The colder months always find me at the gym taking whatever group fitness classes they offer. Then I go sit in the sauna with my island music and pretend I’m on a beach somewhere!

    1. I LOVE Fall. I find it easier to be healthy. It’s not too hot for outdoor exercise, and my cooler weather workout clothes are cuter (yes, I am that shallow.)

      Good point on the muffin motivation. I don’t want to be the only one who still has her muffin by the end of October!

  5. Under a nine is SLOW? Since when?!?!?!?

    Your weightloss is AMAZING. I seriously can’t picture you with extra poundage AT ALL.

    And… YES!!! I will be at crazy weights on thursday!! I actually tried to go yesterday but slept through my alarm. Tomorrow I am determined!

    1. under a nine is slow when all your runner friends are currently under a 9. I guess I need new runner friends who can boost my speed-esteem. (I ran my last 10K with an average 9:52 mile, and I was THRILLED.

      See you in the morning! YAY!

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