Most of my Mondays are pretty mellow.  I get up with the architect, we have breakfast & coffee, he goes to work, and then I lay around all day watching soap operas, drinking wine and eating bon-bons.  Or something like that.

Today was not mellow.

I had physcial therapy at 8:30 (more on that later).

Then, I headed over to tour the Green Microgym.  It’s nice, but not for me.  They don’t even have a locker room! It’s a great concept, but I don’t think it’s what I want at this time.

After that, I had to go to my old apartment building.  The one I lived in almost 18 months ago.  Because someone had sent me a package there, and rather than forwarding it to me, or returning it, they just kept it.  And because it was a surprise package, I didn’t know that it was coming.  And the stupid office is only open from 10 AM – 3 PM Tuesday-Friday and every other Monday.  When I called a couple of weeks ago to inquire about the package status, the guy said, “It’s been here for a month, I wondered when you’d call about it.”  And I didn’t say, “If you had a package for a month, and no one claimed it, shouldn’t you just send it back?  Asshat?”  So, I showed up today to get it, and he says, “Why was this package sent here?”  I told him that I used to live there.  He replies, “I don’t remember you living here.”  And it went on & on.  Like I randomly have my packages sent to apartment buildings around the city so I don’t have to give out my real address.  FINALLY, he gave me the package.  It is a picture that was painted for the architect & I by one of my young cousins as a wedding gift.

THEN, after I spent more time that I felt should have been necessary on getting my package (hee – I typed PANCAKE instead of PACKAGE the first time), I head to REI to pick up another package.  I am all about the packages here, people.  This package contained a hat & shorts I ordered at the REI online Outlet super sale a couple of weeks ago.  I was all frugal and had it shipped to the store instead of my house to save on shipping charges.  I forgot that often my lazy cancels out the frugal, and I should just pay the $5 to have it shipped directly to me.  But – I got it, and 3 days inside of the 2 week window!

Then, I wandered.  I tried to go to FitRight NW to get new running shoes, but I couldn’t find parking, so instead I went to Chipotle and ate my weight in burritoes.  As I finished the burrito as big as my head, it occurred to me that I was next headed to the doctor – the doctor that insists on weighing me every single time.  And, when I was 5 lbs heavier than I was just 6 weeks ago, I think I sounded a little….crazy…when I tried to use the burrito defense.  (My home scale says I haven’t gained 5 pounds in the last 6 weeks, so I think that the burrito & large diet coke defense was valid.)

The doctor’s visit was exciting – because you know, nothing really makes my day like an impromptu pelvic exam!  Woo!  That’s probably about all you need to know about that.  And, in fact, there’s very little else I could tell you.  I may have scored myself a fun trip to the ultrasound lab, though….for the fun special kind of ultrasound – you ladies know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

After that, all that was left on my calendar was a quick stop at the market before heading home.  At 3 PM!  Crazy long day!

But it wasn’t quite over yet – because do you know what I did when I got home?  Go ahead….guess.

I put on my new shorts, and my new hat and went for a run.  (I also put on a couple of sports bras, a shirt & my running shoes.)  I was allowed to walk 3 minutes & run for 1, for a total of 5 minutes of running, if I promised to go slow.  So I did.  And it was awesome.

My PT is concerned about my muscle weakness in my quads (both) and the extreme tightness of my IT Band.  I am following about 75% of the recommendations (which makes me 90% more compliant than last time I went to PT), and being very careful not to overdo it.  I’m icing at least once a day, twice on weekends.  I’m yoga-ing.  I’m stretching.  I’m not doing the heavy lifting outside of PT, but I’m doing it 2x a week at PT, so I am getting that in.  I’m just not progressing as quickly as I’d like.  But today – I got to run.  And it wasn’t as easy as it used to be, but it wasn’t as hard as I’d feared it would be.   And soon I will be clocking the miles again.

And I can’t wait!

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