A few of my favorite things

I am totally lifting this idea from Maris

Yesterday was the first day of autumn. I love autumn – favorite season. I had always suspected that autumn was my favorite season, but until I moved to Portland, I had been unable to confirm that. Before Portland, I lived in LA. Autumn there means that although days are getting shorter, the only real perceptible change is that the temperature occasionally drops below 70, and if you’ve lived there for a while, you will break out the boots & sweaters, whether you need to or not. Edit

Before LA, I lived in South Dakota. Sometimes we had autumn – a gradual cooling period, the leaves would change color, the mornings would be delightfully crisp. (Edit: I just changed “delightfully crips” to “delightfully crisp”. apparently there’s a huge difference.) Most of the time, this would take place in a period of 1-2 days, usually during mid-terms, so you really couldn’t enjoy it. The other times, we just went from summer to winter in 24 hours (marching band practice in the snow in September was not as unusual as I’d like to remember).

But here? The leaves change gradually over about a month. We have a few cool days, with crisp fall-scented mornings. Then we have a few beautiful days where summer fights back a little (I love those days). Driving across the St. John’s bridge is always pretty – but when the leaves in forest park start changing, it’s just gorgeous.

So – in honor of my favorite season, here are a few of my favorite things. 

Making Lists. Kitten bellies. Crossword Puzzles. Crisp cool mornings. Good books. Hot summer afternoons. Squash anything. Garden tomatoes. Cheese. Campfires. Tulips. 

Halloween. Autumn leaves. Wisteria. Lasagna. Brand new spiral bound notebooks (college-ruled). Politics. Election Years. Fresh baked bread. Gardening.  White wine on a hot day.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vinter Varmer beer. Curling up under blankets. Crysanthemums. Tweed skirts. Lilacs. Knitting with my chicas. The Far Side. Beaches. Cooking.

Peacoats. Cornbread. Holding hands under the blanket. New TV Seasons. Cumin.  Red wine. Lavender-scented laundry. Mountains. Thunderstorms. S’Mores.

New Boots. Pirates. Sun-dried sheets. Waterfalls. Herb gardens. Fresh berries. Diet Coke.  Soup. Exploding Dog.  Rum and Scrabble. 

Gin martinis. Mexican Food. Black High Heels. The color green. Sweaters. Tattoos. Writing. Happy Hour at the Vault. Running. Cheese. Architects.

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