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Tonight is Bikram #2. I am both excited & nervous. Excited because I had a great time on Saturday and this time I am pretty sure I won’t be dealing with alcohol-induced dizziness. Nervous because I am going all by myself!

I am really struggling on finding ways to get my heart rate up. I’m just going to have to give in and go swimming. I know I said I was going to swim last Monday, but I lied. So, THIS Monday, August 18, I will go swimming. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, and all that. If I don’t, you may come over & throw rotten tomatoes at me.


Wednesday evening was my MRI. It’s nice working just down the hall from the MRI place – convenient, you know. It was scheduled for 6:30. I got in about 7:00. I got to put on a pair of scrub pants. They only had extra large, so it was probably quite amusing watching me walk down the hall, clutching my very long, very big scrubs and wearing high heels (I forgot to bring socks and didn’t want to walk down the hall barefoot).

They told me that because they were just doing my knee, I did not need to remove my bra. For future reference to all you (probably mostly, but I don’t want to discriminate) ladies out there, if you are wearing an underwire bra, just remove it before the MRI, especially if you have a short torso. Because my torso is so short, even though they were only doing my knee, the GIANT MAGNET came half way up my torso. Which meant that I could feel my bra trying to move. And by the time I was done, it was a bit….warm. And that is NOT a good feeling.

When we started, and they told me to lie very, very still, I told myself “I will WOW them! I will get complimented on my ability to lie still for many minutes! They will say, ‘you are the most still person we’ve ever taken images of! Thank you!’”

And I was so very still. For approximately 5 minutes. Then my toes itched. And my muscles kept twitching. And I would realize that my leg muscles had tightened up so much that my legs weren’t even touching the table any more.

I don’t really get claustrophobic in situations where I’m not surrounded by people (I could totally sleep in a coffin, as long as I was the only one in there), but I had forgotten that I am a fidgeter. My husband is laughing right now, because he knows – that’s why although we share a bed, we do not share the same covers. That’s also why I don’t go to movies in theaters.

I was in there for 45 minutes, trying to sing (in my head, of course) all the songs from the Buffy musical. I figured that would be about 30 minutes, and then I’d be about done. Unfortunately, although I’m sure I could sing them for you now, the banging sound completely pushed the lyrics out of my head.

When it was all over, though, the architect was waiting for me, and he drove me home.

I won’t find out the results until next Wednesday – but I did dream about them Tuesday night. I dreamt that the MRI showed that there was a cloud on my brain, so they opened up my skull without using anesthesia, lifted it off my head by the hair (which hurt) and blew out the cloud with a can of compressed air.

Apparently it is not likely that my knee MRI will show anything wrong with my brain, although I believe that there are a number of other things that show there is something wrong with my brain.


ANYHOO! The Olympics are really messing with my sleep schedule. I’m staying up WAY too late, and not getting up when I plan, and it’s NOT GOOD! Also, it apparently makes me angry. Sorry.


In other good news, we passed our city inspection, and can now have our new sidewalk & driveway apron poured. I was so nervous when we were getting home Tuesday night, because I knew the results would be in. I don’t like failing, and failing two days in a row may have been too much for me.

So, by Monday, we should have a driveway apron, a new sidewalk, and a lot of an actual driveway! WOO!

My new driveway

My new driveway

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