Yoga Report – and other little things

So, I yoga-ed again last night. It was good. I was able to do a lot more than Saturday (I’m sure the fact that I hadn’t recently consumed 4 drinks helped a lot). And, I got brave, and with some coaching from the instructor, tried some of the kneeling poses. I couldn’t do them all, and I stopped the minute there was any pain, but I was able to do some of them. And my knee didn’t hurt afterwards, either.

Ninety minutes is a LONG time, though. A very, very long time.

A few observations. Saturday morning, when I walked into the room, there were many heaters on, and it was hot. Yesterday when I walked into the room, the windows were open, and it was hot. Because it was over 100 degrees yesterday. The instructor (who was the same woman I had Saturday) did close the windows before class started, and by the end of class, it did feel nice to walk outside.

I am a bit sore today – mostly in my back, a little in my shoulders. It’s a good feeling. I also noticed how tight my hamstring still is. It’s been 6 weeks since I pulled it, but it’s not back to normal yet.

The smell bothered me a LOT more yesterday than it did on Saturday. On Saturday, I was able to get used to it once class started, but yesterday, I just kept getting a nose full. After class, the architect & I went out for beer (and water) and dinner, and I kept smelling it – even though I’d showered and everything. He says he couldn’t smell anything bad, so I’m guessing I didn’t stink, but still….I can kinda still smell it today.

I’m getting antsy to hear my MRI results, although I won’t until Wednesday. I’m hoping that they found nothing, I don’t need (kneed – hee) surgery, and that a couple weeks of physical therapy will have me running again. I left the house just after 6:30 this morning, and really, really wanted to go for a run. The temps were still under 70, and it just would’ve been so nice. Not running is really screwing with my eating (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited the candy dish in the last couple of weeks, even though I don’t really like candy, and if I’m going to do chocolate, I’ll go buy some organic 80% dark chocolate before eating a Milky Way). I’m concerned that if I don’t get back into good running habits soon, it’s going to be a hard winter. (It’s hard to start/re-start a running program in the winter when it’s cold & dark & wet. Better just to be in good habits already. If I just know that I will run for an hour/two hours on Saturday morning, it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like, but it’s harder to talk myself into it if it’s not a given.)

In exciting news, I got a bonus today! It was completely unexpected since the bonus came from the old job. I mean, I was there for the entire fiscal year, I just didn’t think I’d get the employee bonus because of the part where I’m no longer an employee.

I think I’ll buy a tree, a pedicure and a haircut. Oooh…and maybe a hoe. Because I’m crazy like that.

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