Faux-lebrity encounter

This morning Jennifer Grey got on my bus. Of course, it wasn’t actually Jennifer Grey, because I’m guessing that the real Jennifer Grey a) didn’t get her old nose back; b) wouldn’t be on a bus in Portland at 7:30 AM; c) got rid of that perm 20 years ago; and d) wouldn’t be caught dead in her Dirty Dancing costume.

It was funny – kinda like this girl had woken up one day & said “I want to look like an iconic movie role from the 80s but I have a largish nose.” And then it hit her – Baby!

This girl had that hair, the nose, enough facial features that I actually looked twice, and was wearing a sedate little skirt, white blouse & a pink cardigan. With tango shoes. She was ready. Her cell rang, and I was really disappointed that it wasn’t “She’s Like the Wind.”

That would be a kinda fun game – see how many people you could get to say, “has anyone ever told you that you looked like….”

(aside, once, as a tween, I sent my photo into a Tiger Beat celebrity look-a-like contest, and came in 2nd! I got an autographed photo of the celebrity I looked like: it was….ummmm….some chick from Dallas, I think.)

What celebrity would you try to look like? Whenever I’ve taken those “which celeb do you resemble” tests, they always say it’s a tie between Sarah Michelle Geller & some random, average looking man. I have a friend who insists I look like Christina Ricci – back when she was still eating food.


not this:

I’m not so sure.

T-4 hours to martini time.

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