That’s better…..

Today is MUCh better.  Last night’s martini definitely helped there!  I am doing my work and doing it well.  I ate my healthy lunch, and other than a short lament about the dearth of cookies in my department (right now, there are lunches every day for our new residents, and they always have leftovers – usually something veggie like, but there are never leftover desserts), I’m feeling good.

Except for my hate for UPS.

I ordered a (very belated) birthday gift for the architect.  Not because I forgot his birthday, but because he asked for something specific, I bought it, but it turns out I’m dumb – so what I got wasn’t actually what he wanted/needed.  So, I sent it back & told him to send me a VERY SPECIFIC email about what he wanted, preferably with a link, or a product ID or something.

But he didn’t.  And rather than bask in the glory of not having spent more than $3 on him (they always ding you for return shipping), I insisted that he tell me what he wants.

Turns out that original gift idea is now boring, and what he really wants is his very own iPod.  Apparently borrowing mine is no fun anymore (but c’mon, who doesn’t want their regularly scheduled Ozzy & AC/DC interspersed with the New Kids’ latest single AND “Afternoon Delight”).

So, I ordered him a Shuffle.  And I got myself one, too, because I am a giver.  Apple said, don’t worry – when you know your delivery date, you can “pre-sign” for your packages & UPS will leave them for you.  So yesterday, D-Day, I pre-signed for my packages.

Yesterday evening, I had one of those Info-notices, saying “NO DELIVERY FOR YOU BITCH!” (they’ve really gotten hard-ass at UPS).

So, I determined that maybe they hadn’t seen my delivery pre-sign thingies.

So today I taped them extra special, with the pertinent paragraphs circle, starred & highlighted, and put my Info-notice next to it to indicate that I understood what was going on.

I checked my tracking this morning & found out that there was again an exception due to no one being home to sign.

So I called UPS.  The lady argued with me, telling me that this has NEVER BEEN DONE ANYWHERE and that no delivery driver would accept these pre-sign statements.  She would not let me re-direct the shipment because I did not have my Info-Notice #, only the tracking numbers.

She did grudgingly graciously say that I could pick my packages up at the UPS distribution center.  She even told me where it was.  But not when it was open, someone else had to call me to tell me that.

So, tonight, I can pick up my packages between 6 PM & 7 PM.  They’re not open on weekends.  And I’m having drinks tomorrow night, so I can’t do it then.

I called Apple to let them know what the UPS lady said about pre-signing.  I’m pretty sure I talked to Justin Long (you know he works in the call center).  The guy was really surprised, because they actually got the form from UPS, and he’s only heard about 5 complaints EVER about UPS not delivering, and none about the UPS customer service people being bee-yotches.

So, hopefully tonight, when the architect gets home at insane-o’clock, I can (finally) give him his present.  Although I won’t count on it.  There’s still a lot of time between now & 7 PM for stuff to go wrong.

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