So, the architect & I are having a party.  It always seems like a good idea until I actually invite people & they start RSVP-ing, and then I remember, “oh yeah!  People are going to come to my HOME!  And they are going to stay until late!  And I am going to have to make small talk and feed them, and what if I run out of dip???” (Because you know the world will stop on its axis if anyone leaves hungry.

So, anyways, I am having a party, and since I love you so much, you are invited.  There are a few people I KINDA know from Portland that I only know through the internets.  You are all invited.  Because you are so awesome.  It is August 9.  I will give you food & drink, and because of my neuroses, you will not go home hungry.  Let me know if you’re interested (and if you’re not, I won’t be offended or anything).

Also – A?  I am eating a falafel sandwich right now.  (Well, not as I type.)

And LA peeps?  I can’t believe I missed the earthquake!  Why didn’t we have any good earthquakes when I lived there?

Life is no fair.

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