Blargh!!! Also BUSY!!!

So yesterday, I went home a wee bit early. Because of the BLARGH!! mentioned in the post title. It was the first time I’ve taken any sick time since starting my new job. Admittedly, it’s only been three months, and it was only about 3 hours, but still. I felt kinda guilty.

Today was the going away party for one of my colleagues. She’d been doing a lot of what my job was before I started, as well as admin stuff. It was really nice to see how many people came to wish her well, how many people respected her both for her personality & her hard-work, and how much $$ was raised for her good-bye ($200, plus a lot of people brought their own gifts). The transition from her to me in many areas has not gone as smoothly as I would’ve hoped, but she leaves big shoes to fill in terms of how other people regard her – I only hope that I can gain the respect of everyone in the same way she has.

Tomorrow, I move offices. I will be taking the spot of my colleague. Her replacement (who will be an executive assistant) will be sharing office space with me. I will now have a window. And, if I were able to thrust my body out of the (3rd story) window and twist a little bit, I could see Mt. Hood. I probably won’t try to do that, but it’s almost like I have a mountain view. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a window at work. (Life keeps getting better –first a real door AND a bathroom, and now a WINDOW!)

I feel both simultaneously busy and not busy at work. It’s weird. I just want to be in a place where the workflow is constant, but I’m not quite there yet.

This weekend, I will be alllllllllllllllll byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy myyyyyyyyyyyselffffffffff. The architect is flying back to Atlanta for his 20 year high school reunion. I was really looking forward to going, but when we went to buy tickets, they were in the neighborhood of $650-$700 apiece. And that’s just crazy-talk. That’s half of our driveway project, right there, for just one ticket. So, I let him go without me. And, since I have no plans of ever attending any of my own high school reunions, I felt kinda left out. Fortunately, a friend came to the rescue. In a couple of weeks, I will be the Romy to her Michelle, and be attending my friend’s 20 year reunion. We are gonna be so cool.

This weekend will be busy, though. I have 192 square feet of earth to move, beets to pickle & can, and raspberries to jam & can. Also, a curb cut to oversee. And martinis to drink, of course. And a party to plan. Hopefully I’ll make it through alive.

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