Summer? Anyone?

I keep getting excited for summer. I mean, I know that summer has hit the East coast, and the water hit the Midwest – but except for a couple exceptionally hot days in May (delightfully timed to coincide with my century ride), it’s been chilly. Not cold. Not winter. Just – early spring. 50s. So, I was very excited, because I’d heard a rumor that maybe it would be summer tomorrow. I was going to wear a skirt! But, alas, although yesterday’s forecast promised highs in the upper 60s tomorrow (at this point, I’ll take that as a summer), today’s forecast isn’t nearly so promising. Maybe Thursday, they say. Right, like I’m going to believe that after having been strung along so long now (I’m totally wearing a skirt on Thursday).

Has anyone ever looked at their dry-cleaning (to be cleaned) and thought, I bet, since those pants have been neatly folded there for a couple of weeks, they’re nearly clean now, and that fold is just as good as pressing?

No? Me neither.

So, I hit the gym today – for the first time in almost 2 months. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness, and there are 2 gyms in the Portland downtown area. The one I used to go to, almost exclusively, is my favorite. But, the other one is now on my way home from work. Like the bus I take home has a stop across the street. I’ve been hiding my face for the 6 weeks I’ve been riding by it, but today, I went back in. And I remembered why I prefer the other gym. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with this one. But smells a little funkier, it’s a little more crowded, and the staff isn’t as friendly (in my opinion). I don’t like the layout as much. But – it worked, I guess. The treadmill I got on was apparently set for metric, which I didn’t notice until about 5 minutes into my run. And then, I was so confused. I was attempting to run 3 miles at an 11 minute/mile pace, but I didn’t want to stop & try to figure out how to change it, so I surreptitiously checked out the readout on the neighboring treadmill and tried to match his pace. It didn’t work so well – I ran the first two miles incredibly slow, and then had to blaze through the 3rd mile. It was a good workout, though – and is the first $3 in my October shopping fund.

I’m going to try to have shoe porn for tomorrow – but don’t want to make any promises – it’s going to be a long, long day.

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