Is June over yet? Also, yay! for the sunshine!

So – still no routine.  Also, still with the feelings of crap, that should be gone now.  That’s right, body, I’m talking to you!  (And so sorry, your hotness, about skipping out on the early morning weights yesterday – I hope you went and lifted for both of us.)

I’m having an almost decent week.  Work is hella busy, but I ran on Tuesday, worked out on Wednesday, slept in on Thursday (cramps so bad Wednesday night that I was curled up in a fetal position around my heating pad crying & wishing for death, or at least morphine), biked to work (and back home!) Thursday, and today I am lazing.  More or less.  Actually, I’m working my ass off at job #2. (Only 4 days left after today!  Woot!)

There were no shoes on Wednesday, due to the rapid onset evil.  I started feeling all wonky during my workout – strange headache – and then in the one hour commute home from said workout (love you, mass transit) – it started going to hell.  By 8:30 I was a quivering mess.

I always think I’m going to run during my lunch hour at job #2, but so far, I’ve just worked.  Because when you come in only 1x/week, there is much work.

HOWEVER, I did have to post, not just to whine, but to tell you about the most spectacular evil that has ever existed (and to mention that every time I saw the word splenectomy this week, and it was many, many times, I thought it was splendectomy – which would be an awesome medical procedure, I think).

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to purchase some cookies.  I can hear you now – “cookies?  so what?  Who hasn’t purchased cookies?”

And that is an excellent point.  But – these cookies were made by the devil herself.  I received my cookies (and a few logo goodies) on a Thursday afternoon.  I opened the cookies.  I, being a generous soul, gave a cookie to the architect.  And then I ate one.  It was the best damn cookie ever.  The architect didn’t get any more cookies, in fact.  I ate the rest in the next 48 hours, all sneaky-like.  I’ve never really been a secret eater, but it was necessary to protect the goodness and keep it all for myself.  The cookies came from this lady.  She is the coolest person in the world, and I am planning on stalking her as soon as I can find the time.  Seriously – the cookies were so awesome that I considered leaving the architect for her.

If you get a chance to purchase these cookies, take it.  They are well worth the price, and although I can’t get a regular supply (because I don’t want to regain all that weight I’ve worked so hard to lose, and there’s no way I could resist their siren song), my mouth is watering a bit at the thought of the cookies.  Also, is that not the most awesome logo ever?  Seriously.

Now that I’ve shamelessly & publicly drooled over the most evil & magnificent cookies known to human kind (and made you all jealous haters), it is time to get back to work.

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