Holy Crap!

It’s all June & stuff.  Where did that come from?  Perhaps the confusion set it because I am (still) working 2 jobs.  Although now there is an end in sight.  AND, even better, I will actually get to have one 3-day week.  The week of June 30 I will only work Monday-Wednesday.  Then, I have a 5 day weekend.  Which, incidentally, is the weekend of the 4th.  And that is my sister’s birthday.  And she is going to celebrate it here in Portland!

After that, I start working 4-day weeks at the new job, and say goodbye to the old job.  Which is good.  Not because I hate the old job, but because I really only need the one at a time.

So, this weekend was the triathlon in Austin.  Which I did not go to.  I have not been feeling well, and that, combined with some other issues that do not need to be discussed in a public forum, made me really not want to go.  So, I didn’t.  I got my airline miles back (for a small fee, of course) that I’d used to purchase the ticket, and now I can use them for my next trip.  To Vegas.  In October (right after the marathon).  To see these guys.  I’m almost a little ashamed.  Hee.

Other news?  Not so much.  I have been working my ass off.  I love my job.  I enjoy my boss.  She likes me.  I’m learning & doing & things are going so well, that I’m going to 4 days a week starting the week of July 14.  I will work Tuesday-Friday every week.  That is a beautiful thing.

Today, I am at home, too.  Since I’d originally planned to be out of town this weekend (and flying back to Portland today), I managed to not agree to work anywhere today.  I wasn’t so lucky w/ last Friday – I ended up all day at old job.

So – my month of hardcore in May didn’t go well.  Apparently I’m not really hardcore.  I did, however, manage a weight loss of 0.  Yep, not even a .2 difference.


This last week was rather disasterous.  Because of the not feeling well, I haven’t been working out as much, and this last week was rather an eating disaster, too.  My uncle was in town, and we went out to dinner Wednesday (the best fish I’ve ever had, seriously – at Fishwife), Thursday (I think that I gain 2 pounds every time I remember the food at Miss Delta), and the Friday the architect & I had pizza & beer, and yesterday, after hiking, we ate at Wendys.  I have no idea why.  We were very hungry.

Marathon training officially begins this week.  I’ve decided that as an additional motivator (#1 being finishing the 26.2 miles and not going home for a nap when I run past mile 19, which just happens to be 5 blocks from my house), I am going to put $1 in a jar for every mile I run between today & October 5.  And then, I get to go for a guilt-free shopping trip.  And buy shoes.  Provided my feet still fit into shoes, and I’m not stuck wearing crocs for the rest of my life or something.

I wish something more interesting was going on.  But, it’s really not.  I’m going to Seattle in a couple of weeks – and I’m very excited about that.

The weather is still very hit or miss.  Yesterday was lovely.  Today is 54 degrees, gray, drizzly & windy.

I’m just hoping for summer.  Consistent summer.  My tan I got during the ride is fading!

I’m hoping to settle into a routine at work soon, instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  (and have you ever really seen that?  It’s just as awesome as it sounds.)  I’ve been in training, and trying to absorb all the learning, and then when I go to the old job, I’m just trying to get as much done as possible, so that everyone’s in a happy place there, with few to no lingering resentments.

In terms of fitness, now that I no longer have to worry about biking or swimming, I have a simple plan.  There are basically two things I love doing – running & yoga.  So, screw that other stuff – I’m going to run & yoga.  I’m also going to do the weights, of course.  I need to be all strong & toned.  But no more trying to fit in stuff I don’t really enjoy.  I plan for it, then I weasel out of it, and then I don’t put anything in its place, so I end up not working out at all.

And now, to the city zoning office.  Woo!

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