An Auspicious Day
An Auspicious Day

An Auspicious Day

Today is my architect’s birthday. It is the 6th birthday I’ve helped him celebrate – which simultaneously seems like a lot and not that many. We’ve been together for 5 ½ years, and married for 1 ½. When we started out, we were in our early 30s & mid 20s; – the differences between 25 & 31/32 & 38 seem enormous. Although, in all fairness, I have to point out that I’m still not as old as he was when we met. Cradle robber. *ahem*

We’ve been through a lot in the last almost six years, and I imagine we’ll go through a lot more in the next six. But honestly? I can’t wait.

I love you.

Also – Happy birthday Dr. Marcy! Sorry I didn’t publicly wish you such yesterday. And you really need to look into why your voice mail cut me off only half way through my message to you. Time limits on voice mail are for losers.

I promise the return of shoe porn next week. I have been letting everyone down. In the meantime, I need shoe help! At my new job, I walk a lot. Far, far distances. For instance, just a little while ago, I had to go get a signature from someone, and it was ½ mile there and back. And that was just one of my many daily trips. I don’t spend nearly as much time at my desk as I used to, and there are stairs. I love the walking & the stairs. Makes me feel better about the gravy I had for lunch. BUT, as someone whose work shoe collection is almost exclusively 3-inch heels (and whose work pants are all hemmed for 3-inch heels), I need advice on a summery (I’m assuming summer will hit any moment) pair of heels (I would rather suffer than wear flats every day, because I am crazy a fashionista) that I can walk in without limping by the end of the day. I would accept 2-inch heels, because I am a compromiser. Any ideas?


  1. Marcy

    Thanks! I noticed that you were very rudely cut off by my voice mail…I was eagerly hanging onto every word, every syllable, even, when suddenly you were gone! “Nooooooo!” I cried, when that happened. That’s my story-it was the alarm clock.
    I take great joy in the fact that you will totally understand that last sentence while others will think I make no sense! Love ya!

    Also, happy birthday wishes to the architect, my almost-birthday twin!

  2. margaret

    i have oft encountered this same problem! especially in afghanistan where there aren’t a lot of paved roads. the solution is a wedge/platform type shoe. that way, it’s still tall, but your foot isn’t in an awkward position all day, and the bottom of the shoe is even so you can walk over grass and potholes without too much trouble. i have a cute pair from Aldo but can’t seem to find them online. Good luck!

  3. Let us know what you find for shoes. I have the same problem when I’m traveling. Walking around a hotel for 12 hours is not good in heals! But I do it anyways and pay the piper later.

  4. As a heel girl, I sympathize….. I know they aren’t a fashionista shoe, but when I used to work in restaurants I refused to wear Dansko clogs like everyone else and made-do w/Aerosoles. I know – it is a mom-brand, but they’re relatively comfy! Also, find some good wedges.

    This is a tough dilemma and I do the same thing – wear 3+ inch heels everyday with pants hemmed for them.

    I wonder what Stacey London would suggest?

  5. Okay, so I don’t know if it’s hormones or all the drama I’ve been going through lately, but I seriously had a wee tear escape my eye when I read this:
    “It is the 6th birthday I’ve helped him celebrate – which simultaneously seems like a lot and not that many.”

    Why?! Damn, you, Amy. Lol! It’s so incredibly refreshing to read about marital happiness and people who actually work to make their marriage work! Okay, wee rant over.

    As for the heels debacle. I’m no help whatsoever. I own several pair of flats, but they hardly ever see the light of day. I’m a vampy, vain bitch in heels… and have the gnarly feet to prove it. Dancers have nothing on my feet. (Should I really be bragging about that?!) I’ll look into it for you!

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