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Not Bad – For a Monday

Except that I keep seeing sparkly lights in my peripheral vision – which means I have a migraine coming on.   I thought I was safe – since last week o’ stress was over – but apparently the minute I relax, the headache comes to get me.  Good thing I already have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week, I guess.

My last two days at the old job were VERY productive.  I trained my very capable replacement, finished up a user’s manual for her, and finished MOST of the projects I’d wanted to finish.  Not all, though – not all.  (Sorry!)

Friday after 9 hours of work, I went out with two of my three favorite co-workers.  We went, of course, to Vault.  For the bacon-wrapped dates.  And do you know what?  There weren’t any!  They were out of bacon-wrapped dates!!!  The world nearly ended for us.

I was back at work bright & early on Saturday.  It was a full day of training.  Also, I had a donut, which was awesome.  Saturday evening at 4:30 or so, I went into the database, logged in as Supervisor, and removed myself as an Administrator.  And then I cried.  Which is lame, I know.  But I love that database.

Saturday was a bit on the warm side here in Portland.  So the architect & I celebrated by going to see Cowboy Junkies (who were opening for the Indigo Girls) at the Zoo.  We were on the concert lawn at 5ish.  The show started at 7.  There was no shade.  The architect got a bit pink.  We left after Cowboy Junkies because that’s what we were there for (well, I was there to hang with my husband – he was there for the band).

Sunday, I was up bright & early again – had to run!  I left the house shortly after 7:30 am (which is early for a weekend) and it was already 70 degrees.  By the time I got home eleventy-billion hours later (for some reason, I was slower than molasses yesterday), it was already 85.  Still, I ran my 9 miles.  And I did laundry.  I even got to hang the first load out on my clothesline.  (Actually I GOT to hang my first two loads out, but the second load only stayed out for five minutes due to thunderstorm.)

Yesterday was hot.  And I did nothing.  Except the aforementioned activities.  And I called my mom, ’cause it was her birthday, and I’m a good kid like that.

Today – I submitted big-ass grant #2!  YAY for me!

And soon, hopefully, I will be going home…..I can’t wait for Thursday.


My very first big-ass project is completed!  And it was done well!  YAY!  One big-ass project that is due by next Tuesday down, one to go!

Two days left at the old job – also good, good news.

Concert Saturday night.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stay awake.

Sunday I am doing NOTHING!!  Except, you know, going for a long run (9 miles, I think) and probably some laundry.  And then?  I might even take a bath.  Then again, I might not.  Because that might mean I’d have to clean the bathtub first.  I think I might need a hot tub.  I’ll ask the architect to get right on that.  Along with the deck, the driveway, the garage, and the enlarged & beautified bathroom.  And maybe he could add on a shoe/library (or a shoe library).  Hee.


Finally – the return of the shoe porn.

I haven’t had a lot of time to browse for shoes online lately, and since I’m still in a shoe moratorium (except for my birthday shoes which were partially paid for by a gift certificate, and some athletic shoes, I have been 6 months, shoe free – hello, my name is Amy, and I’m addicted to shoes), it’s not as much fun knowing that I can’t have the shoes.

BUT – is that any reason to punish you?

No it is not.

So here are a couple of pairs of shoes I like.  They are, of course, high.  (Aside – I was in Seattle last weekend with my friend & her friend, and we were walking around outside, and the friend’s friend said, “I don’t know how anyone can walk in those.”  I was looking around for the crazy lady wearing crazy shoes, and then realized she was talking about me.  I was wearing my most comfortable pair of wedge-heel walking sandals.  I could [and have] walked miles in them with nary a pain.  However, I may actually be crazy.  Who knows.)

So, back to the shoe porn.

First, we have a pair Rocawear peep toes that are kind of fetching.  Probably not as comfy as my wedges, but prettier, I think.  I like the heel shape.  I’m less fond of the logo along the edges, but from far away, who would know?

Second, a pair of Michael Kors shoes.  Michael is one of my three shoe boyfriends.  (Kenneth, Michael & Steve are my boytoys right now – at least until Christian comes to his senses and realizes I’ve been the one for him all along.)

These aren’t very sandally or summery, either – but it’s the best I could do with little surfing time.  Usually I have a stable of shoe images to use, but my stock is depleted now.  These are nice though.  I like the colors & the clean lines.

Hopefully, we can get back to a regular porn schedule.  I have high hopes!  And now, off to work out.

So – yay! Shoes!  I hope you enjoyed.

I know it’s been awhile

but I’m finally starting to feel like I know what I’m doing at work. People here are basically letting me do stuff. Training is virtually over. I am settling into a routine, and after work next week? Instead of a crazy decapitated chicken, I can go back to being a crazy crack-smoking gazelle. Much better.

I have a notebook at home where I write down all the things I need to blog about. However, since I’m not at home, I don’t remember any of them.

I had a recent foray into selling on eBay. I didn’t make tons o’ money, but I did rake in about $70, I think. Some of which I promptly spent on a new wedding ring (which yes, I got off eBay for much less than $70) and a charm bracelet. My old wedding ring (which is all of 18 months old) doesn’t fit. I haven’t worn it for months because it falls right off. I have it on a chain that I sometimes wear around my neck, but that’s not quite the same. It can’t be resized because it is a) tension-set and b) titanium. So, I ordered myself a silver claddagh ring (which cost $15 WITH shipping) in a size 5. A full size smaller than my 18 month old ring. And I think maybe a) I should’ve gotten a 4.5 or b) it’s a good thing it was only $15 – I think my fingers could get smaller.

The charm bracelet is primarily to host the silver charm I got for finishing my half marathon. It was technically a necklace pendant, but the chain was so cheap it broke in just a day, and a charm bracelet is fun. I had one, years ago, but I don’t know where it is, and also – it wasn’t silver, which is my metal of choice. So, I got myself a charm bracelet and a couple of charms – a little runner chick and a stilleto. I will be on the lookout for a martini charm, a book charm, a feather quill charm, a little pirate charm, and possibly, if it exists, a charm of someone falling down.

ETA: I think I should have just bought this:

It’s nice to feel both confident & challenged at work. Not to mention appreciated.

Hopefully, if I can pull it together, tomorrow there will be shoes.

Manic Mondays…

LIke that post title has never been used before.

So, today is my 3rd to last day at the old job, and my last actual day to do work.  The next two days are training of my successor.

I am busy.  Also, I get cupcakes in my honor.  WOO!

Tuesday-Thursday, I am at new job, then back at old job Friday & Saturday.  Then on Sunday, I plan on being comatose.  Monday-Wednesday next week are going to be three very intense days at new job, then 5 days off in a row!!  And then, finally, the next week I will have a regular schedule.

Last weekend was pretty awesome.  I took the train to Seattle (and I love, love, love the train) to hang out with my very cool friend Kris.  Friday evening, we went out for dinner at a brewpub, and then to her friend’s grand opening of her ice cream shop.  The food was good, the beer was good, and the ice cream was superb.

Saturday we spent the day at Pike Place, and I actually got to wander!  It was pretty cool.  No one was in a hurry.  I bought some jams and a cool cheese plate made out of a melted Bombay Sapphire bottle.  Then, we had lunch on the pier.  I had the cajun crusted ahi – it was delicious.  Then we walked to teh sculpture garden.  Then, we went home and collapsed from exhaustion.

We’d intended to go back to the city that night for martinis at Oliver’s, but decided it would be nicer to stay in, order Chinese food, and drink the martinis of goodness that I made.  And they were good.  Yum.  The food was so-so.  Except for the crab cheese wontons, which were a gift from god.  Seriously.  I’m just glad that they’re far away from me, and not just down the hill from where I live.

Sunday was a lazy morning, followed by lunch, and then back to the train station (after a brief stop at the mall).  I got home, and the architect took me out for dinner.  Then, I got to go home to my babies who missed me dreadfully (so much that my baby boy took one look at me, and turned his back – refusing to speak to me for hours).

Today, worky worky!  And the rest of the week.  If I’m still sane on July 3 I’ll let you know.

I did get in a run Saturday morning, and am hoping to get in a run after I finally finish up here today.  I really really need some consistency back.  HTC – do you wanna do crazy weights on July 3?  That is the next day I can breathe.