I know it’s been awhile

but I’m finally starting to feel like I know what I’m doing at work. People here are basically letting me do stuff. Training is virtually over. I am settling into a routine, and after work next week? Instead of a crazy decapitated chicken, I can go back to being a crazy crack-smoking gazelle. Much better.

I have a notebook at home where I write down all the things I need to blog about. However, since I’m not at home, I don’t remember any of them.

I had a recent foray into selling on eBay. I didn’t make tons o’ money, but I did rake in about $70, I think. Some of which I promptly spent on a new wedding ring (which yes, I got off eBay for much less than $70) and a charm bracelet. My old wedding ring (which is all of 18 months old) doesn’t fit. I haven’t worn it for months because it falls right off. I have it on a chain that I sometimes wear around my neck, but that’s not quite the same. It can’t be resized because it is a) tension-set and b) titanium. So, I ordered myself a silver claddagh ring (which cost $15 WITH shipping) in a size 5. A full size smaller than my 18 month old ring. And I think maybe a) I should’ve gotten a 4.5 or b) it’s a good thing it was only $15 – I think my fingers could get smaller.

The charm bracelet is primarily to host the silver charm I got for finishing my half marathon. It was technically a necklace pendant, but the chain was so cheap it broke in just a day, and a charm bracelet is fun. I had one, years ago, but I don’t know where it is, and also – it wasn’t silver, which is my metal of choice. So, I got myself a charm bracelet and a couple of charms – a little runner chick and a stilleto. I will be on the lookout for a martini charm, a book charm, a feather quill charm, a little pirate charm, and possibly, if it exists, a charm of someone falling down.

ETA: I think I should have just bought this:

It’s nice to feel both confident & challenged at work. Not to mention appreciated.

Hopefully, if I can pull it together, tomorrow there will be shoes.

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