Manic Mondays…

LIke that post title has never been used before.

So, today is my 3rd to last day at the old job, and my last actual day to do work.  The next two days are training of my successor.

I am busy.  Also, I get cupcakes in my honor.  WOO!

Tuesday-Thursday, I am at new job, then back at old job Friday & Saturday.  Then on Sunday, I plan on being comatose.  Monday-Wednesday next week are going to be three very intense days at new job, then 5 days off in a row!!  And then, finally, the next week I will have a regular schedule.

Last weekend was pretty awesome.  I took the train to Seattle (and I love, love, love the train) to hang out with my very cool friend Kris.  Friday evening, we went out for dinner at a brewpub, and then to her friend’s grand opening of her ice cream shop.  The food was good, the beer was good, and the ice cream was superb.

Saturday we spent the day at Pike Place, and I actually got to wander!  It was pretty cool.  No one was in a hurry.  I bought some jams and a cool cheese plate made out of a melted Bombay Sapphire bottle.  Then, we had lunch on the pier.  I had the cajun crusted ahi – it was delicious.  Then we walked to teh sculpture garden.  Then, we went home and collapsed from exhaustion.

We’d intended to go back to the city that night for martinis at Oliver’s, but decided it would be nicer to stay in, order Chinese food, and drink the martinis of goodness that I made.  And they were good.  Yum.  The food was so-so.  Except for the crab cheese wontons, which were a gift from god.  Seriously.  I’m just glad that they’re far away from me, and not just down the hill from where I live.

Sunday was a lazy morning, followed by lunch, and then back to the train station (after a brief stop at the mall).  I got home, and the architect took me out for dinner.  Then, I got to go home to my babies who missed me dreadfully (so much that my baby boy took one look at me, and turned his back – refusing to speak to me for hours).

Today, worky worky!  And the rest of the week.  If I’m still sane on July 3 I’ll let you know.

I did get in a run Saturday morning, and am hoping to get in a run after I finally finish up here today.  I really really need some consistency back.  HTC – do you wanna do crazy weights on July 3?  That is the next day I can breathe.

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