Not Bad – For a Monday

Except that I keep seeing sparkly lights in my peripheral vision – which means I have a migraine coming on.   I thought I was safe – since last week o’ stress was over – but apparently the minute I relax, the headache comes to get me.  Good thing I already have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week, I guess.

My last two days at the old job were VERY productive.  I trained my very capable replacement, finished up a user’s manual for her, and finished MOST of the projects I’d wanted to finish.  Not all, though – not all.  (Sorry!)

Friday after 9 hours of work, I went out with two of my three favorite co-workers.  We went, of course, to Vault.  For the bacon-wrapped dates.  And do you know what?  There weren’t any!  They were out of bacon-wrapped dates!!!  The world nearly ended for us.

I was back at work bright & early on Saturday.  It was a full day of training.  Also, I had a donut, which was awesome.  Saturday evening at 4:30 or so, I went into the database, logged in as Supervisor, and removed myself as an Administrator.  And then I cried.  Which is lame, I know.  But I love that database.

Saturday was a bit on the warm side here in Portland.  So the architect & I celebrated by going to see Cowboy Junkies (who were opening for the Indigo Girls) at the Zoo.  We were on the concert lawn at 5ish.  The show started at 7.  There was no shade.  The architect got a bit pink.  We left after Cowboy Junkies because that’s what we were there for (well, I was there to hang with my husband – he was there for the band).

Sunday, I was up bright & early again – had to run!  I left the house shortly after 7:30 am (which is early for a weekend) and it was already 70 degrees.  By the time I got home eleventy-billion hours later (for some reason, I was slower than molasses yesterday), it was already 85.  Still, I ran my 9 miles.  And I did laundry.  I even got to hang the first load out on my clothesline.  (Actually I GOT to hang my first two loads out, but the second load only stayed out for five minutes due to thunderstorm.)

Yesterday was hot.  And I did nothing.  Except the aforementioned activities.  And I called my mom, ’cause it was her birthday, and I’m a good kid like that.

Today – I submitted big-ass grant #2!  YAY for me!

And soon, hopefully, I will be going home…..I can’t wait for Thursday.

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