The Most Important Meal of the Day

Surprise! It’s not the post-work martini meal. I KNOW! I was also shocked. And a bit dismayed.

I have always been a breakfast eater, except for a brief period in high school when it wasn’t cool. Now, I rarely miss breakfast, and if I do, it’s for a good reason – like I’m sick or dead or something.

However, what to have for breakfast continues to be a dilemma. I grew up with the cereals. Not the good ones, of course. Things like Rice Crispies, or Cheerios, or GrapeNuts (and, on one very dark occasion for which I may never forgive my sister, Crispy Critters).

Once I lived on my own, I switched to Froot Loops. Because of the sugar. Yum! I don’t eat sugary cereals anymore – although I’d love a bowl of Lucky Charms right about now.

I tend to have Eggo Nutri-Grain Lowfat waffles most mornings. Sometimes with peanut butter & syrup, sometimes with yogurt, sometimes with just syrup – depending on how wacky I’m feeling that morning. On my weight lifting mornings I have a fruit & protein shake (I make it the night before, drink a little on my way to class, and finish it off after class).

I almost always have 2nd breakfast, too. Because I am a hobbit. (Short? check. Hairy toes? check. Love of food & drink? check.) My 2nd breakfast is almost always a cup of vanilla low-fat yogurt and some cereal. Because I don’t drink milk, and I don’t like soy milk (unless it’s chocolate. yum.), I usually mix my cereal into my yogurt. Today I had Total. Sometimes it’s granola or honey nut cheerios. It’s generally ridiculously low in fat & high in fiber. Because that’s how I roll.

What do you have for breakfast?


This weekend was an exciting weekend, for it was my good friend Kim’s birthday. In preparation, I took Friday off (I needed to mentally prepare for the birthday excitement). Friday afternoon, I headed to Vault to hold down the fort (and secure a table). I got there at about 4:30. The next person arrived at 5:30. I think we should all be impressed that I was still sitting (and sober).

We had martinis and bacon-wrapped dates, and other deliciousness.

I’d been feeling weird all day, but chalked that up to a weird afternoon and a lack of substantial lunch. The weird became a vague nausea that wouldn’t go away, so I had to. The architect & I went home so I could rest up. Saturday i was going to the dentist, then on a 10-mile run, and then to a party.

I was still vaguely nauseated Saturday morning, but I went to the dentist. I am still cavity free! Woo! However, vaguely nauseated & someone’s hands in my mouth are not a good combination and even the free toothbrush couldn’t make that better.

I kept putting off my run – the thought that I might vomit on my own shoes while 5 miles away from home didn’t appeal to me. Finally, I got on the elliptical & ellipticalled through 2 episodes of Buffy (season 5 eps 2 & 3, if you’re interested). I thought maybe the exercise would help. It didn’t. So, I called Kim & told her I couldn’t come to the party. Which was sad, because her husband had made special ‘shroom-free pizzas just for me.

About 30 minutes later, I stood up. The millions of flashy fairy lights that appeared around my head let me know what was going on. Migraine. And, since this one had been building for approximately eleventy-billion hours, I knew it was going to be awesome.

I handed the architect my drink and went for the super drugs. I took two, ate dinner, and then died. I laid on the floor for a long time. Next to the garbage can. I couldn’t get up – every time I tried, my head fell off and bounced violently on the floor. I think it’s safe to say that was the worst migraine I’ve ever had.

Worse than the time I went blind at work in 2005.

Worse than the time I passed out in my bathroom before church and then had to endure a 6 hour car ride (sometime in the early 90s, probably) with my family.

Worst EVER. If I had been able to articulate anything (one of the fun symptoms of the migraine is word confusion), I may have asked the architect to take me to the ER. As it was, all I could ask him was to take me out back & shoot me. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a gun, so he had to decline. I fully intend to purchase a gun just in case this ever happens again.

Yesterday, I still had vague headachy & nauseated feelings. I got a lot done, though. Went to the market. Made German chocolate cupcakes (even though I could not probably celebrate Kim’s birthday, I was determined that she would have some cupcakes), and made dinner. Also, played 17,000 games of solitaire.

Today, I am at work, but still headachy. This has been sucktastic. I am currently trying to decide if I can run tonight, or if I should just go home and die – and hope for something better tomorrow.

ETA:  I tried to run, and for the first time in ages, I had to abort the mission.  The dry heaves made me turn around.  This sucks.  I’d better be fixed by tomorrow.

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