This sucks
This sucks

This sucks

So, here we are in day 3 of migraine watch.  I spent much of last night lying in bed hoping for death, so I didn’t make it to my 6 AM workout.  Sorry!

I still have a headache, although since I now also have cramps, it’s tough to say if the headache is still migrainey, or if it’s PMS-y, or if it’s an unholy union of both.  I’m personally voting for #3.

Also, since my goal for April was to run 100 miles, I really need to get out there and run.  So, I’m planning on a 6 mile run tonight.  And at least 3 tomorrow.  Hopefully 4 on Thursday, and then 10 Saturday.  I still don’t think I’m going to hit my 100-mile goal, but as long as I’m close to 90, I’ll be satisfied.

In other non-running and headache news….well, there really isn’t anything that I can share.  I wish it was easier to get to my job on public transportation – I miss all the fun stories I heard before.


  1. You were missed!!

    That class was……yes, more intense. I am such a freakin’ wimp! I had visible man-sweat (and smell, I fear!) by 6:03.

    And it was packed. I can’t wait to go back though!!

    I can’t believe you’re running while all of this PMS-ing and migraine-ing is going on. I’m pretty sure I’d be hitting the valium.

    Perhaps next week, if you’re feeling better, we’ll have to get you some medicine, in the form of vodka.

    And BTW…Holy crap… forgot to mention something you slyly wrote about a few posts ago. SIXTY FIVE POUNDS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Say wha? TOTALLY IMPRESSED. Speechless in fact!
    Niiiice! (to be read in a Borat voice)

    1. I will (hopefully) be there next Tuesday. If my new brain tumor doesn’t kill me first.

      Also, I didn’t run today. I had good intentions, but then there was the crazy rain. And then, I went to the gym, but couldn’t find parking – which I took as a sign from god that I should go home. So I did. And I had some vodka, which doesn’t work as a pain killer, but is as effective as anything I have at home. And if I had Valium, I would be taking it.

      Thanks for the weight loss congrats. It sounds pretty impressive until one realizes it has been a 5 year journey and I still haven’t reached my goal (only 14 lbs to go). That only averages out to 13 lbs/year.

  2. I think I’m getting a contact migraine… Sounds like you’re having a hellavu time! I’m with TC, I’d be hitting the valium bottle AND drinking the vodka. Feel better!

    Also, 65 pounds is 65 pounds no matter how you do the math — congrats! I can’t wait to be able to say the same.

    1. YAY! for the Portland marathon.

      Unfortunately, Vicodin and I aren’t friends. I was just unprepared for the 3-day horror – I haven’t gotten regular migraines in ages. I think my next doc visit will include a request for something powerful and (hopefully) fun.

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