This sucks

So, here we are in day 3 of migraine watch.  I spent much of last night lying in bed hoping for death, so I didn’t make it to my 6 AM workout.  Sorry!

I still have a headache, although since I now also have cramps, it’s tough to say if the headache is still migrainey, or if it’s PMS-y, or if it’s an unholy union of both.  I’m personally voting for #3.

Also, since my goal for April was to run 100 miles, I really need to get out there and run.  So, I’m planning on a 6 mile run tonight.  And at least 3 tomorrow.  Hopefully 4 on Thursday, and then 10 Saturday.  I still don’t think I’m going to hit my 100-mile goal, but as long as I’m close to 90, I’ll be satisfied.

In other non-running and headache news….well, there really isn’t anything that I can share.  I wish it was easier to get to my job on public transportation – I miss all the fun stories I heard before.

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