I made it to my 6 AM weights class. The same class in which I met the famous Hot Thick Chick last week – sadly she was not there today (something about work, in another city, blah blah blah). She blogged about how she couldn’t raise her arms over her head for a few days after, and although I felt sympathy – my first class was the end of February and I was in just as much pain – I also felt a big smug. Seasoned, if you will. I was an old pro. One who no longer had that much pain – just a little pain. The good pain.

HA! If I can move my arms over my head tomorrow, I’ll be surprised. My shower ritual should be amusing.

In other news (news that relates to me working really hard to inhibit my ability to walk), I bought new insoles for my running shoes on Monday. I can hear you now, “So? What does that have to do with your mad ambulatory skillz?”

Well, I’ll tell you. (“She’s going to tell, she’s going to tell….”)

I put the new insoles in my running shoes – as one does. And then I ran. Again, not out of the ordinary. You can’t break in new gear by looking at it. (At least I don’t think you can.) I planned a 3 mile run on Tuesday – that’s a good distance for breaking in.

But Tuesday – it was so nice! And I didn’t want to stop running. And what’s another mile…or two? Ha! Two more miles equals feets full o’ blisters.

And that, really, would have been bad enough.

But then, last night was my workout group. And sometimes we do LSD runs (sadly, no drugs are involved), and sometimes we do shorter runs with speedwork, core strength training, stairs, pilates, etc. interspersed. Last night? Another five miles (still with the new insoles, but still WITHOUT bandaids). My workout leader told me that I was finally a jock, suffering from little athletic injuries.

And then I thought to myself, “I think that jocks are generally portrayed as less than smart. And now, I am less than smart. I am a jock. Dammit.”

So, my feet & my blisters are yucky. Which brings me to today. Today I have bandaids on. I also am wearing these:

For the first time. (In my defense, I packed my work clothes at 10 PM last night and I’m not at my sharpest that late at night). I’m beginning to doubt my ability to complete this evening’s run. I’m also beginning to suspect that soon I’ll just start drooling and will likely start patting people on the ass when offering congratulations. Which could get awkward in staff meetings.

Tomorrow, I am taking the day off. I’m planning on sleeping in, eating pancakes, and going for a run (of course). I’m aiming for my first 20 mile week!

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