Monthly Archives: April 2008

April Review

So, in April, the following things were accomplished.

This month I logged:
12,294 calories burned in exercise
60 miles run
1,800 minutes of exercise (that’s 30 hours)
5 weight-training classes
22 days of exercise

Pounds lost? .4

And, since everything was slightly lower than last month, I guess it makes sense that my weight loss was slightly less.  But seriously?  .4 pounds?  That’s just ridiculous.

I have declared May the month of hard-core.  I will run 100 miles.  I will do strength training 3x/week – 1x/week minimum at the gym.  I will cut out all alcohol, except for special occasions, and there are only 5 special occasions in May.  1) This Friday (must celebrate the official end of work, plus the cheetah bought her first ever house, AND it’s her birthday next week); 2) My century bike ride; 3) My half marathon; 4) the board I serve on is having a banquet, and the only way I’m getting through that is with the help of our friend, wine; and 5) the architect’s birthday.  In addition, I can have 1 drink on 2 other occasions.  Those are my rules.

I will track religiously for one month.

I will not step on the scale again until May 31 (this will be even harder than the drinking restrictions).

And, on May 31, I will have the architect take a picture of me in my bikini.  I may or may not share that with the internets.  Some of the other cool kids are doing stuff like that, but they are much ballsier than I am.

I am hoping that by the end of May, the scale will have a “3” in 2nd place.  Even if the following numbers are 9.8, I don’t care.

Also, if I don’t accomplish all my goals, that’s okay, too.  As long as I give it my best go.

And, because it’s Wednesday, shoes:

Isn’t that just fun & summery?


I paid $51 to fill up my (compact) this morning. Lube job not included. Can’t wait until I’m only driving 2 days/week.

Still busy at work.

I hope that whoever secures the Democratic nomination for president ends every commercial with this image:

I keep seeing this photo pop up, and it just touches me so much. In an inappropriate way. So, I printed it & hung it in my cube.

Bus service in North Portland sucks. I used other profanities this morning, too.


Overwhelmed this week.  Posting light.

Toe not broken.

Biked 35 miles.  Nice strangers helped me so that I did not bike 29 miles & walk 7.

Ran 10 miles.  Found new pretty park.  Also, people with frisbee purses.


Hurt all over.

Too much work for only 5 days.


I just ran out of gin.  Please send help!

You know, I really hadn’t fallen in quite a while

But, that all changed this morning.

The architect had to leave at obscene o’clock in the morning for a day trip to Seattle (he does that every 2 weeks or so).  I stayed in bed.  Sleeping.  At about 6:15 or so, I woke up from a dream that one of our (7!) smoke detectors was beeping the beep of a dead battery.  And guess what?  The hall smoke detector was beeping.

I was not at my sharpest.  I went into the guest room where we usually have a folding chair – but couldn’t find it.  So, I found instead a rectangular milk crate.  It looks like this:

I stood it up on one end, so I could reach the ceiling.  Did I hop up on the supported side?  Ha ha ha – why would I do that?

I hopped up on the non-supported side and reached for the smoke detector.  The crate did an exciting flip (Olympic calibur, people).  I was not ready for the flip, so I did not leap up all crouching tiger-like, pause in the air, and wait for it to land before alighting gracefully.  No, instead, I decided to try flying.  It didn’t so much work.

I landed on the crate.  Actually, more accurately, I did a belly flop onto the crate.  It was very exciting.  Except one of my toes was caught in the little squares.

I laid their for awhile, trying to decide if I was dead, and if not, how I would notify the ambulance that I might need assistance.  It occurred to me that I would either have to get up and deal with it, get up & find the phone so I could call for help, or lay their for at least 12 hours waiting for the architect to get home (which may lead to being eaten by starving kitties).  And I kinda had to pee.  Also – the smoke detector?  Still fucking beeping (the cats – not impressed).

So, I got up.  I went downstairs & got the step ladder & my cell phone.  I took the battery out of the damn smoke detector.  It beeped away.  I pulled it out of the ceiling.  Still beeping.  I couldn’t find any 9V batteries (we’d used them replacing smoke detector batteries – this was the only one not done).  So, I made a few phone calls (to work – not coming in; to a friend – hey can you grab my running stuff from work; to another friend – hey can you do this stuff for me at work today), took a LOT of ibuprofen, and got dressed.

I had an appointment this morning at my new job to fill out a lot of paperwork, so that when I start, I’m all set up.

So – I have a lovely contusion (bruise doesn’t really cover it) on my left forearm, the beginnings of an even more spectacular bruise on my right shin (I was just glad I missed my knee), and a very bruised, possibly broken toe.  Not to mention the back pain.  I also have an appointment for 8:30 Monday morning w/ my magic chiropractor.

One of my first thoughts after falling was, “I wonder if I will still be able to run today.”

Answer: “No.”

Hopefully, though, I can still do my 50 mile ride tomorrow & my 8-11 mile run on Sunday.  I have a half marathon in 2 weeks, and a century ride in 3 weeks, and I really don’t want to have to drop out.  Obviously I will if I’m seriously injured, but I’m really not feeling too bad right now.  In fact, I went into work, anyways (I suck at calling in sick).


Happy things, though:  My new office at my new job is a real office.  Right now, I share a large cubicle in the middle of our department, with no door, and walls that are only 6 feet tall.  No privacy – and super loud.  Not only that, but our bathroom here is also the bathroom for 5 million children in the summer.  Imagine the fun of sharing a toilet with 5 million little girls for whom potty training is a new thing.

My new office – the one with the door AND the window – is shared with one other person.  AND we have our own bathroom.  For just the two of us!  And I feel very confident that her potty training skills way outstrip a 7-year-olds.

So – in 2 hours or so, I am going home and having a martini.  Happy Friday!