April Review

So, in April, the following things were accomplished.

This month I logged:
12,294 calories burned in exercise
60 miles run
1,800 minutes of exercise (that’s 30 hours)
5 weight-training classes
22 days of exercise

Pounds lost? .4

And, since everything was slightly lower than last month, I guess it makes sense that my weight loss was slightly less.  But seriously?  .4 pounds?  That’s just ridiculous.

I have declared May the month of hard-core.  I will run 100 miles.  I will do strength training 3x/week – 1x/week minimum at the gym.  I will cut out all alcohol, except for special occasions, and there are only 5 special occasions in May.  1) This Friday (must celebrate the official end of work, plus the cheetah bought her first ever house, AND it’s her birthday next week); 2) My century bike ride; 3) My half marathon; 4) the board I serve on is having a banquet, and the only way I’m getting through that is with the help of our friend, wine; and 5) the architect’s birthday.  In addition, I can have 1 drink on 2 other occasions.  Those are my rules.

I will track religiously for one month.

I will not step on the scale again until May 31 (this will be even harder than the drinking restrictions).

And, on May 31, I will have the architect take a picture of me in my bikini.  I may or may not share that with the internets.  Some of the other cool kids are doing stuff like that, but they are much ballsier than I am.

I am hoping that by the end of May, the scale will have a “3” in 2nd place.  Even if the following numbers are 9.8, I don’t care.

Also, if I don’t accomplish all my goals, that’s okay, too.  As long as I give it my best go.

And, because it’s Wednesday, shoes:

Isn’t that just fun & summery?

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