I paid $51 to fill up my (compact) this morning. Lube job not included. Can’t wait until I’m only driving 2 days/week.

Still busy at work.

I hope that whoever secures the Democratic nomination for president ends every commercial with this image:

I keep seeing this photo pop up, and it just touches me so much. In an inappropriate way. So, I printed it & hung it in my cube.

Bus service in North Portland sucks. I used other profanities this morning, too.


  1. SnowDance

    That photo scares me – although could be used in a very clever democratic campaign for sure! And let me just throw a piece of advice out there, don’t ever wake up to hearing Bush’s voice bright and early in the morning – or ever. It really just causes for a low energy, crabby kind of day. Oh yes, and this frickin’ Portland Spring weather doesn’t help much. What is the deal!?

  2. Glad you’re still among the living after your weekend as an olympic athlete.
    Miss you in class yesterday – there was an alien there! A genuine alien! I missed her until the very end when we were all putting our weights away and then I noticed her. Want to know how I found out that she isn’t human? The COMPLETE and utter lack of sweat – not on her face, not on her shirt, not on her ass. And she had a full face of non-sweaty makeup. Alien indeed!

    Hope your work week is bareable.

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