Did I mention that I was having to work FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW this week? Well, I did. And successfully – although I fell off the week-day blogging wagon on Shoe Porn Wednesday, of all days. Sorry – I’ll do better next week.

Work is still crazy/busy, but I’m having slightly less despair than at the end of last week. Also, fewer nervous breakdowns, which must make my boss more comfortable.

And, I lost weight AGAIN this week – which means I’m finally at an official number at WW that I’ve never been to, before. And, on my personal scale at home (on which I weigh myself every morning, and then keep a spreadsheet, because I’m all OCD like that), I posted my lowest weight ever. Or at least, my lowest weight ever since I was 18.

I’ve been thinking a lot about weightloss & fitness lately, as well as reading the complete archives of Dietgirl, who’s lost over 175 lbs since 2001. She posted, sometime in 2006, I think, that when she figured her stats (apparently she’s a bit of a spreadsheet freak, too), she’d averaged a loss of about 1/2 lb a week – and that sounded like crap – until she looked at it the other way – if she’d kept gaining at that rate, she’d weigh well over 500 lbs now, instead.

I started WW almost exactly 5 years ago – which means I have about 260 weeks of weightloss behind me. And I’m still not at goal. That’s hella depressing. However, in that time, I have lost 67 lbs. That’s a quarter of a lb/week. That’s not much. However, at least I didn’t gain 67 lbs, right?

I debated about whether or not to sign up for another 17-week session of WW. I really hate the meetings, and the attacks when you don’t lose weight. I find it depressing that my leader assumes that I’ve always “done something wrong”. I’m also not convinced that 20 points is enough when taking into consideration the amount of exercise I perform. However, I only have 11 lbs to goal, now, and it seems silly to quit, even though I’ve only lost 2 lbs in the last three months (and to be honest, that was actually just the last 2 weeks -but whatever). Why are the numbers on the scale so important? If the BMI “healthy” weights were the same as they were 10 years ago, I’d be healthy. Now, I’m still overweight. Although, I’m actually healthy AND overweight, if you want my opinion. In 6.8 lbs (on my home scale, which always weighs me at about 2 lbs less than the WW scale – due to clothes & breakfast, I assume) I will be at a 25 BMI, and I can’t wait. I think there is, perhaps, too much obsession with number, but my spreadsheets and I just can’t let it go.

I think that FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW of work have broken my brain a bit, and I should just coast through the rest of the day, finish the couple of projects that need finishing, and go have a happy hour drink.

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